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199+ Ways to Lower Your EMF Exposure Today, #01-20


The Top 20 Ways To Lower
Your EMF Exposure Today:


Important and Immediate Reductions of EMF Exposure
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20 Tips & Suggestions for
Lowering Your EMF Exposure Today

The following are some of the more commonplace, man-made EMF sources people come into contact with.

Thankfully, the exposure levels of many of these can be reduced or eliminated by simple lifestyle changes and without much effort.

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Use Airplane Mode

Unless you’re expecting an urgent call, why not put your phone in airplane mode?

Cell phones that aren’t in airplane mode are constantly pinging surrounding cell towers in case someone’s calling or to check if there’s incoming data (i.e. text messages).

Every time your cell phone does this RF radiation is being absorbed by you or the people surrounding you (your children, for example).

Putting your cell phone in airplane mode will limit your RF exposure markedly.

You can easily check your phone for any missed calls, messages or texts every 30 minutes and then put it back into airplane mode.

A Low EMF Solution

This might be the simplest solution we offer on how to immediately reduce your radio frequency field exposure.


When Calling Use Speaker Phone Mode

If you read the fine print in the user guides, cell phone manufacturers themselves warn against holding the phone directly up against your head.

The user, by holding the cell phone against his or her head, receives the highest amount of radio frequency exposure during the call.

This is especially problematic with children.

For lower exposure, when you have to take a call, put the phone in “speaker phone” mode and set it down on a surface, so there isn’t direct phone-to-skin contact.

A Low EMF Solution

While not always practical, when at home the ideal solution is to utilize an old-school, wired landline phone for your phone calls with loved ones.

Yes, they still make landline phones.

Many cell phone providers allow you to forward your cell phone calls to your landline..


Don’t Sleep Next to Your Cell Phone

One point of emphasis in the Building Biology field is the importance of the bedroom being a protected, restorative space in which the body can recuperate.

Having a transmitting (non-airplane mode) phone sending out RF pulses directly adjacent to your bed is sub-optimal for your sleep hygiene.

This applies to smart watches and fitness bands, as well, as we talk about below.

Also, it can be potentially problematic that these phones are often plugged in with un-grounded cords which lead to higher AC electrical fields.

Best practices are to have the phone unplugged and in airplane mode and keep the charging cords in another room.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance is your friend.

If you are waiting for an important call, put your phone across the bedroom, so that it isn’t next to you, but it’s where you can still hear it.


Children &
Cell Phones

There are a number of studies on the benefits of limiting screen time for children (and adults, as well). We won’t go into the weeds regarding that here.

We also recognize that there are times when a child is being disruptive in a difficult circumstance and the distraction of the phone may be one of the only things that will settle the child down.

In these circumstances, simply take a second and make sure the phone is in airplane mode.

It is possible to have the phone in airplane mode, but also have the wireless or bluetooth turned on, so make sure both are turned off, as well.

A Low EMF Solution

If you are unsure about how to properly do this, please read our guide on how to know if your phone is correctly in airplane mode. (coming soon)

We also have special guides on EMFs and Children and EMFs and Baby Nurseries.


Pregnancy & EMFs

Being pregnant can be stressful and in an effort to relax many pregnant women will sit on a couch or chair and rest their phones, tablets or laptops near their abdomen area.

While this is certainly a subject best discussed with the pregnant woman’s OB or primary physician, it seems prudent to create distance from or shield this radio frequency field, electric field and sometimes heat exposure.

At a minimum, we recommend not resting the devices directly on or adjacent to the belly or midriff area.

A Low EMF Solution

Some protection from the RF and electric field exposure can be achieved with specialized EMF shielding products.

Please visit our Guide to Pregnancy and EMFs, too.


Baby Monitors

Many current baby monitors utilize Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transmit the audio and video to the receiver. This subjects your baby to differing levels of radio frequency radiation.

To avoid this exposure for your child, you can purchase baby monitors that have ethernet ports and then “hardwiring” your baby monitor.

We have more information on how to hardwire your internet connection below.

A Low EMF Solution

We recommend using a hardwired connection, but if you must use a wireless baby monitor think about increasing the distance from the device and the child.


Research Nearby Cell Tower Locations

This step is to understand where local cell phone towers are and to avoid prolonged exposure to adjacent areas that will have increased RF levels.

A real world application of this would be deciding to take your children to a park that isn’t right next to a building with a large cell tower mast and choosing a park with less obvious signs of RF exposure.

This will obviously be a consideration when deciding where to rent or purchase a place to live, as well.

A Low EMF Solution

The website Antenna Search is a great resource for this.


Hardwire Your Internet

We recommend limiting your exposure to RF fields as much as possible and that includes the use of Wi-Fi routers.

As we mentioned in our section on baby monitors, hardwiring your internet is a good way to limit your RF exposure.

Hardwiring can be achieved by running grounded ethernet cables through your home, by utilizing a powerline adapter kit that connects to your router via your home’s electrical wiring, or by using an adapter kit that uses pre-existing co-axial or cable tv lines.

We’ll have a guide on the pros and cons of each out soon.


A Low EMF Solution

Hardwiring your internet is a great way to lower your RF exposure from Wi-Fi routers and one of our top recommendations to clients.


Turn Off the Wi-Fi Router at Night

If you must have the Wi-Fi router on, make sure it is turned off at night time.

Sleeping hours are the most important restorative time for humans and pets. Make this extremely important block of time free of the constant radio frequency radiation produced by Wi-Fi routers.

There may be scenarios where this isn’t possible (wireless security systems, for example). In these instances, there are ways to lower the output of the wireless routers through shielding devices.

We don’t recommend shielding the output if necessary medical devices are by utilized.

A Low EMF Solution

Turning off you Wi-Fi can be achieved by the following means:

A – Some internet providers that have a wireless router bundled with their service modem have apps that you can use to remotely turn the wireless router on and off.

B – Put your wireless router on a mechanical timer that you plug into your electrical outlet. This will turn it off every day at a selected time.

C – Utilize a remote IR kill switch. Right before you go to bed, you can turn off your wireless router with the click of a button and then turn it back on when you wake up.


Cordless Phones

To put it simply, we recommend getting rid of your cordless telephones.  This is especially the case with DECT phones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).

DECT phones produce a large amount of radio frequency radiation, even when not in use. These can be especially problematic as many of the peripheral, docking stations are placed right next to sleeping areas.

We recommend you go old-school with a corded land-line, but if having a cordless phone is non-negotiable, you can still find old non-DECT, 900 mHz phones on eBay or Craig’s List.

If you do decide to go this route, make sure the phones or docking stations aren’t in your bedroom at night or right next to you in your office or other frequented areas.

A Low EMF Solution

Instead of using a cordless phone, utilize an old-school, wired landline phone for your phone calls with loved ones.

Yes, they still make landline phones and many have very long stretchy cords, so you can maneuver about the house.


Get Away From the Microwave Oven

Unfortunately, most people stand directly in front of their microwave oven when heating their food.

This is a problem as most, if not all, microwaves will leak radiation when in use.

The simplest solution, and probably the healthiest from a microwave exposure and nutritional perspective is to get rid of the microwave entirely.

The second best solution is to create distance from the microwave when it’s in use. Play it safe and leave the room.

At a minimum, make sure your children are far away.

A Low EMF Solution

As mentioned, the simplest solution, and likely healthiest from a nutritional standpoint, is to not use a microwave oven.


Survey Your Lighting

Some lighting choices are better than others. Here are a few examples:

01 – A CFL bulb (the ones that look like pig tails) can refresh 10-40,000 times a second. It’s amazing engineering and significant energy savings, but unfortunately leads to dirty electricity.

CFL bulbs also contain mercury that can be problematic if dropped.

02 – Dimmer switches are also notorious culprits in the production of dirty electricity

03 – Fluorescent lighting ballasts, commonly found in offices and workshops, often produce elevated magnetic fields.

When in doubt, go old school with incandescent light bulbs and have a certified electrician swap out your dimmer switches.

A Low EMF Solution

Incandescent bulbs have a lower lifespan and less energy savings, but produce a fuller spectrum of light and don’t produce the levels of dirty electricity that the energy savings bulbs do.


Smart Watches Need to Be in Airplane Mode, Too

Many smart watches, such as the Apple Watch, are effectively the same as cell phones, with cellular, wifi and bluetooth capabilities.

It’s smart practice to have these in airplane mode when not needed and then to simply check periodically for messages or texts.

Be aware of sleeping with these, as well. Depending on your body positioning while sleeping, you could have a transmitting device directly next to your head, torso, or crotch for a majority of the night.

A Low EMF Solution

If you are unsure about how to properly do this, please read our guide (coming soon) on how to know if your Apple, Samsung or other smart watch is correctly in airplane mode.


Fitness Trackers and Always On Bluetooth

Wrist-worn fitness trackers, such as FitBit and Garmin, often have bluetooth capabilities that are not able to be turned off. This means that they are constantly trying to locate a compatible device to pair with and are producing RF radiation.

Our advice would be to purchase a model where the bluetooth can be disabled or if that’s not possible to, at least, take it off when not in use.

A Low EMF Solution

We’ll have a buying guide out shortly, but one fitness tracker model where you can turn the bluetooth off is the Garmin vivosmart HR.


Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones have an EMF double whammy effect in that they produce both RF fields and AC magnetic fields.

This wouldn’t be as worrisome if the devices weren’t directly adjacent to people’s brains for extended periods of time.

We especially worry about the developing brains of children.

Instead, we recommend that people purchase wired airtube headphones. They’re not as as cutting edge in design, but they provide added peace of mind.

A Low EMF Solution

DefenderShield makes a popular version of airtube headphones.

Here are some other options.


Laptops Should be Hardwired, Grounded and In Airplane Mode

We’ll break down what we mean by this:

By hardwiring your laptop with grounded ethernet cable it enables you to turn off your Wi-Fi router and not subject your family to the RF radiation.

Grounding your laptop using a 3-prong, grounded charging plug helps mitigate AC electric fields around your computer.

Having your computer in airplane mode keeps the wireless and bluetooth chips from attempting to communicate. This reduces your RF exposure.

Using a corded keyboard and mouse helps with RF fields, too.

A Low EMF Solution

Our guides on hardwiring your internet, making sure your laptops are properly grounded, and putting your computer into airplane mode correctly are coming soon.


Tablets Need to Be in Airplane Mode, Too

Like cell phones, tablets are safest when used in airplane mode with Wi-Fi reception turned off.

This is especially important for growing toddlers and children.

Most streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix will have content that you can download for offline viewing. Utilizing this greatly reduces the need to be perpetually connected to the internet for entertainment purposes.

A Low EMF Solution

Our guide on how to put your tablets into airplane mode is coming soon.


Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers can have a wide variety of devices that produce RF fields.

Smart TVs, media devices, gaming systems, smart speakers, cable boxes, DVD players, audio systems, wireless speakers, and media recorders all have wireless capabilities.

The combination of all these in close proximity can lead to elevated RF levels, even when the devices aren’t in use.

Our recommendation is to connect to these with grounded ethernet and forget the wireless entirely.

If that’s not possible, put these electronics on power strips or remote on/off switches, so that you can easily turn them off when not using them.

A Low EMF Solution

Our guide to hardwiring your internet is coming soon.


Wireless Computer Peripherals

A wireless keyboard and mouse utilize bluetooth to connect to the computer. You can remove this RF exposure by replacing these bluetooth devices with corded versions.

Wired computer speakers are also preferable to the wireless variety.

A Low EMF Solution

Simple wired keyboards can be found here. Follow this link for a wired mouse.


Smart Meters

Smart meters are simply digital utility meters that have a means of transmitting the usage data to back to the electrical/gas/water utilities or roving representatives of the utilities.

This is most commonly achieved through use of a cellular transmitter that transmits the data at regular intervals, so that a “scanning” vehicle can drive by and receive the information.

There are different smart meter models that produce different levels intensity and frequency of RF signals. As such, we recommend contacting an EMF specialist or purchasing a RF capable meter to ascertain these variables if the meter is close to sleeping or frequented areas of the home.

A Low EMF Solution

Click here to find an EMF expert that can help.

Visit our EMF meter reviews.

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