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Chapter 18: The Beginner’s Guide to


Low EMF Nurseries
& Children’s Rooms


Low EMF Solutions for Nurseries & Children’s Rooms

A Guide to Low EMF Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

Babies, toddlers and young children are in the midst of incredibly important developmental stages, both mentally and physically. Because of this, we believe it’s important to provide them the lowest EMF exposure sleeping environment, as possible.

Below are some tips, distilled from our two guides, that will help make their rooms low EMF sanctuaries.

We also have a general guide to lower your children’s EMF exposure.

If you have any questions about the content in this guide, please contact us.


Read our Free Guide “199 Ways to Reduce Your EMF Radiation Exposure Today”

Start by going over our free guide “199 Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure Today” to better understand what the four man-made EMFs that we look for and what types of devices and technology can cause each type of EMF.

We call these man-made EMFs, The Four Fields to Forgo.

The guide is chock-full of good tips on how you can reduce or eliminate the EMF exposure your children are subjected to.

PDF and Kindle versions are available for the low price of $12. If interested, you can view purchasing information at the bottom of the page.


Radio Frequency Radiation Sources Found in Nurseries & Children’s Rooms

Learn more about radio frequency fields

To learn more about radio frequency (RF) fields, please click the following link to visit our chapter on the subject.

Learn about Radio Frequency Fields.

Below are some common sources sources of radio frequency radiation that are found in nurseries and children’s rooms. Thankfully most can be mitigated without much effort.

Wi-fi Routers and Extenders

Wi-fi routers and extenders/boosters, like cell phones, are a common source of radio frequency radiation.

The Building Biology field recommends that you stop using wi-fi entirely, if there aren’t important medical or security reasons to have it on.

Current models of Wi-fi routers are more and more powerful and release a constant “plume” of radio frequency radiation into your home. This is something you’ll want to shield your newborn and the nursery from.

Instead, you use hardwired internet connections using cat-6 cable or your existing cable lines. Learn more about this on our page, How to Hardwire Your Internet Connection.

Hardwiring your internet isn’t difficult and will eliminate your baby’s exposure to this source of RF radiation entirely.

If you’re unable to do so, due to security, medical or housing arrangements, get in the habit of keeping it off as much as possible and make sure your the router is far away from children’s bedrooms.02

If wi-fi must be used occasionally, one product we recommend to our clients is an infra-red remote on/off switch. This switch plugs into a socket and then your router is plugged into the switch and can be turned on and off with a remote control.

You can utilize this switch to turn the router on and then immediately turn it off after you’re done.

Learn more about this on/off switch.

If you live in a condo, apartment or house that is in close proximity to neighbor’s routers, you can use special paint or fabric to lower the RF fields.

Learn more about RF shielding paint and RF shielding fabric in our product section.

02 – On/Off Switches

Turning off you Wi-Fi can be achieved by the following means:

A – Some internet providers that have a wireless router bundled with their service modem have apps that you can use to remotely turn the wireless router on and off.

B – Put your wireless router on a mechanical timer that you plug into your electrical outlet. This will turn it off every day at a selected time.

C – Utilize a remote IR kill switch. Right before you go to bed, you can turn off your wireless router with the click of a button and then turn it back on when you wake up.

Baby Monitors

Wireless baby monitors are another common source of radio frequency radiation in nurseries. If you have young children, you probably are utilizing baby monitors.

These products produce radio frequency fields as they communicate.  The wireless video monitors can be especially powerful.

Luckily, these can be hardwired to eliminate the RF exposure to your baby. Read our more about this in our guide, The Definitive Guide to Hardwiring Your Internet.

To pick the perfect low-EMF baby monitor for your nursery, please visit our Baby Monitor Review page.

Baby Crib Mobile

There are baby mobiles being shipped with bluetooth and wi-fi compatibility.

You don’t want these sources of RF radiation in close proximity to your baby, so make sure you’re purchasing a product without these features.

If you do use one of these, purchase one that uses batteries and isn’t plugged in. More on this in the AC electric fields section below.

Bluetooth Enabled Toys

It’s not uncommon to find bluetooth-enabled toys in nurseries these days. Some of these communicate with other toys and some have learning applications.

One way to determine if the toy has a wireless chip of some kind is to check and see if it is registered with the FCC.

To learn more read our guide “How to Tell if Your Child’s Toy is Wifi or Bluetooth Enabled.”

Cordless Phones

Cordless phones produce an surprisingly large amount of RF radiation.

We recommend getting rid of these phones entirely, but definitely make sure there isn’t a base station in or adjacent to the nursery.

Entertainment Technology

Entertainment devices produce radio frequency radiation through the use of wifi, bluetooth and/or cellular technology.

Common examples of these are:

– Smart TVs
– Wireless Cable Boxes (Comcast, DirectTV, Dish Network)
– Gaming systems (Playstations, Xbox and Nintendo)
– Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Home)
– DVD players with smart features
– Digital Media Players (Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku)
– Wireless speakers (Sonos, Bose)
– Bluetooth computer peripherals (wireless mouse and keyboard)

We mention these in case the nursery may contain some of these products. If so, we recommend that these be removed from the room.

If that isn’t an option, then make sure that devices are completely powered off. By this we mean plugged into a power strip with the power turned off. This is necessary, because some products still emit RF radiation when simply turned off.

Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

When you’re holding or playing with your baby or other children, these should be in airplane mode with wifi and bluetooth turned off. Read our guide on how to do this.

Other Internal RF Sources

Other possible sources of RF fields infiltrating your nursery:

– Wireless security systems and their hubs (read How to Have a Hardwired Security System)
– Smart Home Products like smart thermostats (Nest or Ecobee), smart appliances and other Internet of Things (IOT) devices.
– Microwave ovens (make sure you and your baby are far away from these)

External RF Sources

Two common sources of external radio frequency sources are wireless utility meters and close proximity cell towers.

Wireless utility meters can be swapped out for non-transmitting models. Consider doing this if the smart meter is in close proximity to bedrooms.

Cell phone towers should be avoided as much as possible when selecting places to play or spend a lot of time.

Read our guide on locating cell towers to lower your EMF exposure. You’ll be surprised how many churches, schools and parks have cell phone towers on top of them or directly adjacent to them.

How to Test for RF Fields

You can survey radio frequency fields with an RF Meter.

Our current favorite beginner’s RF meter is the Trifield TF2.

Visit our Best EMF Meters of 2020 page to learn more about the Trifield TF2 and other beginner, intermediate and professional level RF meters.


RF Field Shielding

If you find that the RF fields are uncomfortably elevated, there are products you can use to reduce the levels.

These include constructing an RF shielding canopy over the crib, painting the walls with RF blocking paint, and using RF blocking window film.

Talking with an EMF consultant or calling the helpful people at Safe Living Technologies can give you an idea of what steps would be most effective within your budget.

If you order from them, use our Safe Living Technologies Coupon Code to save 5% on your order.


AC Magnetic Field Sources Found in Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

Learn more about AC Magnetic Fields

These are all the common sources, internally and externally, that can affect you and your family.

Not familiar with AC magnetic fields? We have a chapter solely devoted to the subject.

Learn about AC magnetic fields.

Power Lines

Overhead and underground power lines are common sources of elevated magnetic field levels within homes.

Shielding these can be difficult, so your best bet is to increase the distance of your baby’s crib from the source. This may mean moving the baby into a different room entirely.

Sometimes you may come across an unavoidable source (like a fridge or breaker box on the other side of a wall). You can try and shield against it in those circumstances.

Learn more about magnetic field shielding.

Wiring Errors

Electrical wiring errors are also common causes of elevated magnetic fields in homes.  These can be quite large and are important to survey for.  Especially in your nursery and other places of the home that are occupied frequently.

Click here for more information on how to mitigate these errors.

Fans for White Noise

Because household fans have motors, they’ll produce a magnetic field.

It’s better to just use a battery-powered noise machine instead, but if you are in a circumstance where you need to use a fan make sure it is on the other side of the room from where the baby is sleeping.

Stray Current on Utility Lines

A surprising, yet not uncommon, source of magnetic fields are the stray electrical amperage coming into a home from water, gas, telephone and cable utility lines.

EMF consultants test for this.  Alternatively, you can purchase an affordable clamp meter and do the surveying yourself.

Kitchen Appliances

We mention this as sometimes appliances like refrigerators will be placed directly on the other side of a wall from a bed or crib.  The appliances will sometimes have elevated magnetic fields that will affect the adjacent room.

Examples of these are refrigerators, furnaces, stoves and dishwashers.  Microwave ovens produce RF radiation and are another to look out for.

Additionally, sometimes babies are placed in a rocker on the kitchen floor while food is being prepped. It’s worth surveying the kitchen to make sure the child isn’t placed in a high magnetic field area of the room.

An EMF consultant can survey for you or you can get an EMF meter and do the sleuthing yourself (see below).

How to Test for Magnetic Fields

You can survey magnetic fields with a gaussmeter. Decent gaussmeters are affordable and easy to use.

Visit our EMF Meter Reviews page to learn which gaussmeter or multi-use meter we recommend.


AC Electric Field Sources To Be Aware of

Learn more about AC Electric Fields

If you’re not familiar with AC electric fields, please click on the link below to read our chapter on the subject.

Learn about AC electric fields.

AC electric fields can originate from external sources such as overhead powerlines, but a majority of the exposure is from internal sources.

Below are some of the internal sources to keep an eye out for in relation to where your children frequent and sleep.

Energized Electrical Circuits

In most homes, if an electrical circuit is energized you’re going to have the presence of electrical fields. This includes the bedrooms and nursery.

Having an electrician install an on-demand switch to de-energize the bedrooms will alleviate the fields.

You’ll want an EMF Consultant to help you map out the breaker box to determine exactly which electrical circuits need de-energizing.

Some people recommend turning off the breakers manually to achieve the same effect, but we don’t advise doing this without having a certified electrician come out and sign off on the safety and the condition of the breaker box and individual circuit breakers.

Cords, Cords and More Cords

Power and charging cords effectively become extensions to the energized electrical circuit. If not properly shielded, they will produce electric fields, as well.

Examples of these are:

– light cords
– plug-in strips
– extension cords
– phone charger cords
– product cords

Try to remove these from your child’s room and keep any necessary lamps and their cords across the room, if possible.

Baby Rockers and Swings

These often have ungrounded and unshielded plugs that can produce elevated electric field levels.

The better choice would be to purchase a battery-operated version. Click here for some options.

How to Test for Electrical Fields

 You can survey AC electric fields with an electrical field strength meter.

Visit our EMF Meter Reviews page to learn which field strength meter or multi-use meter we recommend.


Dirty Electricity Sources
and Pregnancy

Learn more about Dirty Electricity

We have a full chapter on dirty electricity in our guide. Click the link below to view it.

Learn about Dirty Electricity.

Dirty electricity can be a little tricky, so we recommend getting a power line meter (more information below) to measure the rooms in your home. 

Elevated levels can be reduced with plug-in filters (more information below). If the levels are extreme there are whole home filters that electricians can install.

DE is most commonly caused by lighting fixtures, light bulbs and various tech devices.

Light Bulbs

Many of the newer light bulbs achieve their cost savings by continually turning on and off at extremely high rates.  Thes include CFL/LED/Fluorescent/Halogen light bulbs.

This causes dirty electricity and can be less pleasing to the eye. To ensure your a healthy environment for you and your children consider switching to old-school incandescent bulbs.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches work in the same manner as the newer light bulbs.

We recommend swapping these out for normal light switches, but if you decide to keep them make sure your baby isn’t sleeping or spending time in close proximity to the fixture.

How to Test for DE

You can test your home for elevated dirty electricity levels with a power line meter.

Two popular meters are the Greenwave and Stetzerizer meters.

Visit our Best EMF Meters of 2020, to learn more about our meter recommendations.


A Recap of How to Limit the
EMF Exposure of Your Baby

Providing a low EMF nursery for your baby is a no brainer. At a minimum, any improvement in the quality and duration of your child’s sleep makes it worthwhile.

A recap of things to be on the look out for in the nursery and with your baby in general:

– Wireless baby monitors
– Wi-fi routers and wi-fi extenders
– Entertainment devices
– Electric clocks and other devices with unshielded plugs
– Cordless telephones and the docking stations
– Smart meters from your electric, water and gas companies
– Wiring errors (magnetic fields)
– Kitchen appliances and their magnetic fields
– Microwave ovens (RF radiation)

If you aren’t comfortable purchasing EMF meters and doing a survey yourself, EMF consultants will be happy to assist you.

If you want to give DIY EMF testing a try start start with our “Best EMF Meters of 2020” page and then begin reading the free content found on our website.

If you’d prefer a PDF or Kindle version of the guides, we offer low-priced editions. You can view those below.

We mentioned this in the beginning, but if you have any questions about any of this, please contact us!

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