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About Brent Thomas

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My Story

My EMF journey began with my daughter having difficulty sleeping. 

We moved into a new home and, while normally an impressive sleeper, she began waking up several times a night. 

As it is with young children, their interrupted sleep becomes the entire household’s interrupted sleep.  After weeks of this, I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and got to work trying to sort the problem out.  While investigating, I began wondering if something external might be contributing to her poor sleep.

I soon realized that the electric drop and our utility company’s smart meter was located directly on the other side of the wall from where she was sleeping.

It was down the rabbit hole from there.

What followed were long nights of reading everything I could find on the subject of EMFs and the radio frequency radiation that smart meters use to communicate.

Ultimately, with some resistance, our electrical utility company replaced the smart meter with a traditional, non-transmitting meter and my daughter went back to her effortless sleeping.

Anecdotal, I know, but that’s how my interest in EMFs began and how this guide is currently in your hands.

From there I became a certified BBEC (Building Biology Environmental Consultant) and EMRS (Electro-Magnetic Radiation Specialist) through the Building Biology Institute and have been working as a consultant since.

When Covid hit, I decided to write and publish a beginner’s guide to EMFs to help spread the word. 

My goals for this guide are, as follows:

  • To help you understand man-made EMFs and their potential risks
  • To teach you how to reduce (or eliminate entirely) the man-made EMF sources found in your home.
  • To help safeguard the people and pets that you love from unwanted and unnecessary levels of electro-magnetic radiation.
  • To help emphasize that these concerns are unlikely to be addressed by the governmental agencies (at least in the near future).
  • To be truthful and realistic, yet hopeful and lighthearted.

This guide will show how you and your family are exposed to these man-made EMFs and provide guidance on how you can reduce your exposure.

This guide won’t demand that you become a Luddite or move to a log cabin, off-the-grid, in the middle of the Sierras (though having written that, it sounds rather appealing).

Thankfully, many of the recommended changes listed in this guide will have minimal effect on the daily flow of your life.

I hope you find The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs informative and helpful.

Onward, we go.


 ~ Brent Thomas

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