Best Magnetic Field Meter (Gaussmeter) for 2024

Our Top Choice

Gigahertz ME3851A Meter

The ME3851A is very good mid-level level gaussmeter and electric field meter.

It’s a single-axis meter for detection of both, but allows you to get very accurate readings of magnetic fields (down to .001 mG) and electric fields (down to .1 vM).

Overall, it provides high-end precision at a good value.

For a little higher testing range there’s also the ME3951A, also made by Gigahertz Solutions.

Team it up with a good RF meter and a clamp meter and you’re good to go.

Another Good Option

375x150 - Safe and Sound Pro II Meter

Gigahertz ME 3951A
EMF Meter

This is another great meter to measure AC magnetic and electric fields.

This meter covers a higher band range (5 Hz to 400 KH) than the ME3851A listed above (5 Hz to 100 KH).

Read our Gigahertz Solutions ME3951A meter review.

Good Budget Option

375x150 - Safe and Sound Pro II Meter

Trifield TF2 EMF Meter (Triple Use, Budget)

The Trifield TF2 is a triple use meter that can give you decent ballpark readings for magnetic, electric and RF fields.

The magnetic field readings are the most accurate of the three.

Read our updated Trifield TF2 EMF meter review.

Professional Meters

375x150 - Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 Meter

Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 (Pro)

This is the meter that a majority of the professional EMF specialists use for AC magnetic and AC electric field testing.

Magnetic and electrical fields are measured with 3-axes and it’s got a ton of bells and whistles.

Read all about the features here.

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