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Common EMF Sources Found Throughout the Home


25 Common EMF Sources That Can Be Found in Most Parts of the Home
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25 House-wide Sources of EMFs

This is a compilation of 25 commonplace sources of man-made EMFs that are found throughout people’s homes.

As with the Top 20 List, many of these can be reduced or eliminated by simple lifestyle changes and without much effort.

We’ve added “Low EMF Solutions” where applicable. If you have any questions about these, please let us know.


Wi-Fi routers

We mentioned routers in the Top 20 list already, but wanted to reiterate the significance of wi-fi as 24/7 source of radio frequency radiation.

At a minimum, if there isn’t a medical or security necessity, try and turn these off at night when everyone is sleeping.

In the situations where this isn’t possible (wireless security systems, for example), and it’s safe to do so, there are ways to lower the output of the wireless routers through shielding devices.

A Low EMF Solution

Turning off your Wi-Fi can be achieved by the following means:

A – Some internet providers that have a wireless router bundled with their service modem have apps that you can use to remotely turn the wireless router on and off.

B – Put your wireless router on a mechanical timer that you plug into your electrical outlet. This will turn it off every day at a selected time.

C – Utilize a remote IR kill switch. Right before you go to bed, you can turn off your wireless router with the click of a button and then turn it back on when you wake up.


Residential Wi-fi Hotspots

Some internet providers (Comcast is one) have some router models that allow the routers to be used as a “Public Wi-fi hotspot.”

What this means is that anyone in the area that subscribes to their service can connect to the internet through your router. You may have substantially higher RF exposure as a result.

We recommend researching your provider and router model to make sure this isn’t the case. If it is, there are ways of turning this off.

Please read our guide on How to Turn Off Your Residential Wi-fi Hotspot. (coming soon)

A Low EMF Solution

The solution is to turn this option off.

Please read our guide on How to Turn Off Your Residential Wi-fi Router Hotspot. (coming soon)


Wi-fi Extenders and Boosters

Just a reminder that these produce radio frequency radiation similar to wi-fi routers.

And, as with wi-fi routers, it’s best to get rid of them entirely if you want a low EMF home. Hardwire your internet instead.

A Low EMF Solution

Read our guide on How to Hardwire Your Internet Connection. (coming soon)


Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems use radio frequency waves to communicate with the base system and the monitoring company. Why not get rid of this wi-fi and cellular wavelength exposure?

Read our guide on how to have a hardwired security alarm system installed.

A Low EMF Solution

Many of the alarm monitoring companies still do hardwired installations. Click the links below to learn more from these companies. (coming soon)



Heaters of all sorts can produce elevated magnetic fields. Some examples of these:

– Ceiling Heaters
– In-Floor Heating
– Baseboard Heaters
– Radiators

You can read more about these below. 

We also have a guide on How to Choose a Low EMF Home or Apartment. (coming soon)


Ceiling and In-Floor Heaters

Ceiling and floor heaters can be especially problematic as there often isn’t an easy way to achieve distance from these heating sources.

This is something to be aware of when choosing an apartment or condo in a complex that utilizes this type of heating.  If you’re in a unit that’s above a ceiling heater, you may be subjected to elevated magnetic fields from it.


Radiators & Baseboard Heaters

These are often on one end of the room which provides the opportunity to place beds and couches a greater distance away.

Take advantage of this opportunity and distance the spots you frequent the most from these sources of heat.


Portable Heaters

The portability of these heaters makes the mitigation of their magnetic fields easier. Using a guassmeter, you can move it back far enough to safely reduce the field exposure.

A Low EMF Solution

When selecting a home or apartment, or simply where to place your bed or couches in various rooms, keep the types of heaters and the locations in mind.

Use a gaussmeter to survey for the AC magnetic fields or call an EMF consultant.


Breaker Boxes

Breaker Boxes are common sources of elevated magnetic fields. If these are adjacent to bedrooms and living areas, it’s a good idea to increase the distance between beds and sitting areas and the boxes.

These can also be shielded with some degree of success. Our guide on AC magnetic field shielding will be coming soon.

A Low EMF Solution

The best solutions is to just increase the distance of beds and couches from the breaker boxes. Shielding is also an option.


Wiring Errors

Wiring errors due to improperly conjoined electrical circuits can produce sizeable magnetic fields.

Thankfully, these can be sussed out with a good gaussmeter (visit our EMF Meter Reviews page) and then corrected by a certified electrician.

A Low EMF Solution

Have your home surveyed by an EMF Expert or purchase a guassmeter that and do a DIY EMF survey.

Read our page, “The Best EMF Meters of 2020.”

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