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Common EMF Sources in Bathrooms

In this EMF field guide, we’ll go over common EMF sources in bathrooms.

People don’t spend as much time in the bathroom as other portions of the home, but it’s good to be aware of these EMF sources.

Let’s begin:

Common EMF Sources in Bathrooms

This section is a compilation of common EMF sources found in the bathrooms of homes.

The exposure times to these sources are greatly reduced compared to sources in bedrooms and living areas, but we include them for people who are sensitive to EMFs and for people’s awareness in general.

With all our sections, we’ve included a recommended solution for most of these. Some of these outbound links may be affiliate links to help fund our mission of EMF education.

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Hair Dryers & Hair Curlers

The heating elements within hair dryers and electric hair curlers often produce elevated magnetic fields. The two-prong cords can produce electric fields, as well.

People with longer, more voluminous hair will obviously have longer exposure times with the hair dryers.

It may not be a substantial amount of exposure time, but it’s something to keep in mind if you or a loved one has magnetic field sensitivity.

A Low EMF Solution

You can lower your exposure by limiting the duration of time you use it and by increasing the distance between the dryer and your head.


Jacuzzi and Whirlpool Baths

These may have elevated magnetic fields due to the jet mechanisms and any heating elements found within.

It’s worth surveying with a gaussmeter or having an EMF specialist check it out, as people can spend a lot of time in these.

Some of these may have built-in wi-fi or bluetooth capabilites, too.

A Low EMF Solution

If the jacuzzi or bath has elevated magnetic fields, you likely won’t be able to effectively shield against it, but you can reduce your exposure by reducing your time spent in the fixture.


Saunas and EMFs

Saunas that have non-traditional heating mechanisms can produce elevated magnetic fields.

Families can spend a lot of time in these, so before purchasing a sauna consider visiting the showroom with a gaussmeter.

Newer model saunas may have built in wi-fi or bluetooth capabilities, as well. Just something to be aware of.

There are several sauna models on the market now that have focused on having low-EMF units. We’ll have a buyer’s guide for these out soon.

A Low EMF Solution

If a sauna has elevated magnetic fields, you may not be able to shield against it. The only way to reduce your exposure for certain would be to limit your time within it.


Smart Showers

Smart showers are newer pieces of technology that allow you to access program and control your shower from apps on your phone or through voice assistants.

These communicate via wi-fi and bluetooth, so there will be radio frequency exposure and it’s something to be aware of if you’re sensitive to RF fields.

A Low EMF Solution

The simplest way to eliminate this exposure is to stick with your “dumb” shower.


Electric Razers, Toothbrushes and Waterpicks

The motors within these will produce magnetic fields. The average exposure time using these is small, but it’s something to be aware of if you’re sensitive and prone to headaches from elevated magnetic fields.

A Low EMF Solution

Using old-school toothbrushes and razers is the easiest solution for this exposure.


Heaters & Fans

We’ve gone over these in the previous sections, but don’t forget the heating and ventilation systems within the bathroom if you’re sensitive to magnetic fields.

The exposure times with these will be minimal like most others.

A Low EMF Solution

If you’re sensitive to AC magnetic fields, many bathroom heating systems can simply be kept off.


Smart Mirrors, Vanities & Scales

These are wi-fi connected products that provide information while you’re getting ready in the morning or help you track your weight loss. As with most smart home devices these will produce radio frequency radiation of varying degrees as they communicate with the router.

A Low EMF Solution

Go low tech, or better yet no-tech, on these.


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