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Common EMF Sources in
Living Rooms and Family Rooms
Part 2


Common Sources of EMFs in Living Areas

23 Common EMF Sources Found in
Living Rooms, Family Rooms & TV Rooms, Continued

This continues our compilation of common EMF sources found in living rooms, family rooms and TV rooms.

These are areas where people spend a lot of time, especially in the evenings, and can be littered with many different RF producing tech devices.

With all our sections, we’ve included a recommended solution for most of these. Some of these outbound links may be affiliate links to help our mission of EMF education.


Exercise Bikes & Equipment

Exercise bikes (Peleton), treadmills and step-machines are being released with more wireless functionality.

Before purchasing one of these machines, double check if the have wireless functionality and if the chips can be turned off if you were to use a wired, ethernet connection.

We’ll have a guide on these devices soon.

A Low EMF Solution

Check with the manufacturer to see what RF transmitting chips have been installed and whether the chips can be turned off.


Bluetooth Speakers

These are big RF transmitters in home environments.

People striving for low-EMF environments would do well to stick to old-school wired speakers.

We’ll have a buyer’s guide for wired speakers coming out soon.

A Low EMF Solution

Stick to speakers without wi-fi or bluetooth functionality.


Karaoke Machines

Many of these machines will have wireless or bluetooth functionality built in to the machines.

Before purchasing contact the manufacturers and see if you can both hardwire the machines and turn off the wireless and bluetooth functions.

If not, make sure these are fully unplugged when not in use.

A Low EMF Solution

As with most RF transmitting devices, make sure these are unplugged or on a power strip that is powered down when not in use.


Wireless Microphones

These are very similar to the karaoke machines and should be fully powered down when not in use.

We recommend simply using a wired microphone instead.

A Low EMF Solution

This is one of the “Go Wired” recommendations.

Electric Furniture

These are most commonly electric recliners or electric massage type furniture.

These are neat in theory, but can produce sizeable AC electric fields throughout the piece of furniture and surrounding areas.


Electric Reclining and Heated Couches

These couches will have AC electric fields from the wiring within and AC magnetic fields when the heating or massage elements are operating.

This can be significant exposure due to the duration of time people spend on these.

At a minimum, we recommend unplugging these when not in use. A IR remote on/off plug would work well and not be inconveniencing.


Electric Recliners and Heated Recliners

These products have the same exposure issues as the couches and sofas above. The IR on/off plug is a good solution if you currently have one of these models.


Massage Chairs

As with the furniture above, these will have AC electric and magnetic field exposure. The on/off plug will lower the exposure when not in use.

A Low EMF Solution

When selecting a home or apartment, or simply where to place your bed or couches in various rooms, keep the types of heaters and the locations in mind.

Use a gaussmeter to survey for the AC magnetic fields.


Wireless Chargers

Wireless or inductive charging can have some elevated magnetic fields when in close proximity to the chargers.

These are currently not a massive concern with the models we’ve seen (unless you’re sleeping directly next to a charger), but we recommend using standard plug chargers as this technology is only going to be ramped up in the future.

Some projected uses include full garage charging for electric cars and having entire kitchen counters be able to charge devices.

A Low EMF Solution

Standard plug chargers are more efficient and faster than wireless, inductive chargers.


Smart Power Strips & Plugs

Smart plugs and power strips are a component of Smart Homes and use wi-fi to communciate with the smart home hubs.  Each of these used will produce RF radiation.

If you want a low-EMF home, it’s best not to use these.

A Low EMF Solution

Use an IR on/off plug instead if you need some control of a remote outlet.


Gas or Electric Fireplaces

These can produce magnetic fields (electric) and many have bluetooth remotes. The bluetooth remotes can be placed in faraday boxes, but there may still be some RF fields coming from the fireplace itself if the function can’t be turned off.

We recommend checking with the manufacturer to see if bluetooth or IR remotes are used with the heating devices.

A Low EMF Solution

Check with the manufacturer to be fully informed of possible exposures.



Vacuums can be sources of both AC magnetic fields (from the motor) and AC electric fields from an unshielded and ungrounded cord.

A cordless, battery powered vacuum should have significantly lower electric fields, but both will have AC magnetic fields due to the vacuum motor.

These exposures aren’t excessive in duration, but it’s something to be aware of if you’re sensitive to these types of EMFs.

The best low-EMF solution would be to get rid of the carpets that necessitate the use of the vacuum in the first place.

Before purchasing a new vacuum, it’s a good idea to test it for both excessive magnetic and electric fields.

A Low EMF Solution

If you need a vacuum, using a cordless vacuum should at least reduce some of your exposure from the electric fields emanating from the cord.


Roomba and Smart Vacuums

The main concern with these is the RF radiation produced from the necessary wi-fi connectivity.

This isn’t a product you can realistically hardwire, so the wi-fi exposure will be present if this product is in use.

It’s a novel idea, but one that doesn’t have a place in a low-EMF home.

A Low EMF Solution

We recommend sticking with your traditional vacuum.

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