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Common EMF Sources in Offices & Other Work Environments


Common Sources of EMFs in Workplaces

10 Common EMF Sources Found
in Offices & Other Work Environments

In this section we go over some common EMF sources that are found in larger offices and industrial environments. Please see our section on home offices for more tech related entries.

With all our sections, we’ve included a recommended solution for most of these. Many of the recommendations are under the assumption that the sources can’t be changed, but it’s always worth speaking with your bosses or the heads of the companies to see if they’ll take some proactive steps (like hardwiring the internet).

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Fluorescent Lights

These can be responsible for elevated magnetic fields, but the field reduces quickly with distance.

Just make sure that you don’t have them right above you.

A Low EMF Solution

As these fixtures may be unavoidable in office settings, make sure there is enough distance overhead.


Transformers, Electrical systems & Utility closets

These can be responsible for sizeable AC magnetic fields. If you’re working regularly in an adjacent area, it’s worth surveying it with a gaussmeter (and an electric field meter, for that matter).

A Low EMF Solution

The Trifield TF2 would be a good entry-level meter. Read our review of the TF2 here.



These can lead to elevated AC magnetic fields in adjacent areas. Like the above section, it’s a good idea to survey your office if nearby.

A Low EMF Solution

Check out our recommended EMF meters page.


Wi-Fi Routers and Extenders

We covered these in previous sections, but these are extremely common in offices now. Just be aware of where these are, as it’s likely sub-optimal to be right next to them for 40 hours a week.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance, distance, distance.


Copy Machines

The concern here is elevated magnetic fields. If your job entails making lots of copies, try to stand back from the machine when doing so.

There obviously may be RF fields, too, from wi-fi or bluetooth functionality.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance, distance, distance.


Furnaces, Air Conditioners & Air Cleaners

Due to their motors and heating elements, there may be some elevated magnetic fields. Figure out where these are located and survey the areas that you frequent.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance, distance, distance.


Wires, Cords & Surge Protectors

We went over this in the home office chapter. Basically, you want to move these away from where you sit at your desk as much as possible.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance, distance, distance.



We went over these in a previous section, but these will have some elevated AC magnetic fields. Distance these from where you sit at work as much as possible.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance, distance, distance.


Office Kitchens

Please see our section on EMFs in kitchens to read more about the breadth of devices and appliances that produce EMFs.

For example, we recommend you don’t sit for 8 hours a day on the other side of a wall from the refrigerator or a frequently used microwave.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance, distance, distance.


Welding & Power Tools

If you’re using these consistently during the day for your occupation, just be aware of the high magnetic field levels that your tools are producing.

A Low EMF Solution

These may be unavoidable, but make sure you’re aware of the environment you’re working in.

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