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EMFs & Bedrooms – Part 2


Common EMFs in Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

24 Common EMF Sources found in
Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas – Continued

We continue here with our list of common EMF sources in bedrooms and sleeping areas of homes.

Again, we’ve included a recommended solution for many of these. Some of these outbound links may be affiliate links to help fund our mission of educating the public on EMFs.


We mention these in the house-wide section, but thought it was worth repeating the importance of these.

Below are some examples of heaters that can produce elevated magnetic fields:

– Ceiling Heaters
– In-Floor Heating
– Baseboard Heaters
– Radiators
– Space Heaters

You can read more about these below. 


Ceiling and In-Floor Heaters

Ceiling and floor heaters can be especially problematic due to the difficulty of achieving distance from the sources.

As mentioned in the previous section, this is something to be aware of when choosing an apartment or condo structure that utilizes this type of heating. 


Radiators & Baseboard Heaters

Place your bed, work desks, children’s playing areas and reading areas away from these, if possible.

Measure with a gaussmeter to ensure proper distance.


Space Heaters

These should be farther away from beds, as there can be fire danger if the bedsheets were to make contact with the space heater. This extra space ensures lower magnetic fields, as well.

Keep these at a safe distance from other frequented areas in the bedroom, too.

Utilize a gaussmeter to measure correctly the field intensity to ensure safe levels.

A Low EMF Solution

When selecting a home or apartment, or simply where to place your bed or couches in various rooms, keep the types of heaters and the locations in mind.

Use a gaussmeter to survey for the AC magnetic fields.

Fans and Air Quality Products

Fans can produce elevated magnetic fields due to the device’s motor.

Portable fans can also have elevated electric fields if the cords aren’t grounded and shielded.


Ceiling Fans

These may be far enough away from where people are sleeping in their beds, but it’s always worth measuring with a guassmeter to make sure.


Portable Fans

Portable fans can produce elevated magnetic and electric fields.

When using these for cooling and/or white noise, create distance between them and the bed. Measure with a gaussmeter and electric field meter to achieve a comfortable distance.


Air Purifiers

Similar to portable fans, create a comfortable distance between these and the sleeping area.


Air Humidifiers &

Air humidifiers and de-humidifiers can produce similar electric and magnetic fields as the previous items.

Obviously, don’t change the location of these items if they’re being used for medical necessity, children’s health or other important uses.


Window Air Conditioners

We mentioned this in a previous section, but keep your bed a comfortable distance from these.

A Low EMF Solution

Distance is key with all these. Make sure all the products are a safe distance from the bed being slept in.


Phones and Tablets at Night

We mention this in our Top 20, but it bears repeating. To ensure you and your family get the best night sleep possible, make sure your phone and tablets are in airplane mode.

It’s possible to have the devices in airplane mode, but still have wi-fi and bluetooth on. Double check that these are off, too.

A Low EMF Solution

This is one of the simplest solutions we offer, yet one of the most important.


Plugs and Cords

Ungrounded and unshielded cords are effectively extensions of your home electrical circuits when it comes to AC electric fields.

Distance is effective with these, so make sure these plugs are across the room and not directly adjacent or under your bed.


A Low EMF Solution

Remove the cords from next to or under your bed or increase the distance between them and where you sleep.


Sleep Trackers

Most consumer market sleep monitoring devices utilize or require bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

Before purchasing one of these, write the company and see if you can turn off the wi-fi and/or bluetooth.

If you’re unable to turn this off, this means you’re being subjected to radio frequency radiation during the important sleeping hours.

A Low EMF Solution

We’ll come out with a Guide to Low EMF Sleep Trackers soon.


Baby Monitors

We mentioned this in an earlier section, but baby monitors communicate with radio frequency waves. Some of the newer monitors are really quite powerful, so be aware of where they’re placed in the nursery and other bedrooms.

Try and hardwire these connections if possible.

You can purchase baby monitors that have ethernet ports and then “hardwire” your baby monitor by either running grounded ethernet through your home or utilizing a powerline adapter kit that connects your router and monitor via your home’s electrical wiring or existing coaxial cable infrastructure.

A Low EMF Solution

Here are some ethernet powerline adapters and coaxial cable adapters you can purchase.


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