EMF Detectors: What are These Detection Devices and Where to Buy Them

what is an EMF detector
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A Comprehensive Guide to EMF Detectors

Have you ever heard of an EMF detector and wondered, “What is an EMF detector?”

Well you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we try to answer this question and delve into various aspects related to EMF detectors.

Understanding EMF Detectors

An EMF detector is a device that is used to measure the electromagnetic fields (EMF) around it. Also called EMF meters, these detectors can sense fluctuations in these fields. Most commonly you’ll be testing for man-made sources that originate from the electrical grid (internal and external wiring) and from tech and communication devices.

EMF detectors come in various forms, from professional-grade equipment to smartphone apps. They are often used by EMF testing consultants, electrical engineers, electricians, home inspectors, and even paranormal investigators.

Different Types of EMF Detectors

There is a multitude of different types of EMF detectors on the market. The choice of which to use largely depends on what you’re hoping to measure or achieve.

The most common EMF detectors are the following:

If you’re interested in finding the right detector for your needs, you might find our comprehensive list of recommended EMF meters useful.

How Do EMF Detectors Work?

EMF detectors work by measuring the amount of electromagnetic radiation in a certain area. The detector will display what type of EMFs are being measured.

The detectors do this by utilizing a sensor, which reacts to changes in the electromagnetic field. The detector then converts these changes into a readable output.

If you’re curious about the mechanics behind these devices and what the detectors measure, we’ve got a wealth of information in our full Beginner’s Guide to EMFs.

EMF Detector Apps: Do They Really Work?

With the advancement of technology, there are now EMF detector apps available for smartphones. But, do EMF detector apps really work?

The answer is: Not Great.

We haven’t seen any phones with gaussmeters or electric field meters and dirty electricity is measured by plugging into a home’s electrical circuits.

Phones do measure general RF strength, as this is how they communicate, it’s unlikely to be in the same ballpark as a decent RF meter.

So, feel free to goof around with the apps on the market if you want, but it’s important to take readings from these apps with a large grain of salt.

Best EMF Detectors on the Market

There is a wide range of EMF detectors available on the market, from basic models to professional-grade tools. It can be challenging to know which one is the best fit for your needs.

To make your decision easier, we’ve curated a list of some of the best EMF detectors that you can consider. These will cover all the man-made EMFs you need to test for.

DIY EMF Detector: Is it Possible to Build Your Own?

For those who love a DIY project and are good with circuits, it is indeed possible to make your own EMF detector.

An example of this for a gaussmeter to measure magnetic fields can be found on this website.

However, for most people, you’ll simply want to purchase an EMF detector.

Where to Find an EMF Detector Near Me

You may be fortunate to have an electronics store that will carry some of the lower or mid-range EMF meters, but you’re most likely to need to order the meter online and then have it delivered to your home or to a big box store.

For those interested, below are our favorite EMF detectors in several price points:

Hire an EMF Consultant Instead

Another option, instead of purchasing a meter of your own, would be to hire an EMF consultant to do the EMF testing for you. Many of these consultants have access to high end meters and can give you the most accurate picture possible of your family’s EMF exposure.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this article helpful and have a better understanding of what EMF detectors are.

To learn more about EMFs and how you and your family are being exposed to these invisible environmental factors, please read our Beginner’s Guide to EMFs (free on our website).

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May 31, 2023

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