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Chapter 11: The Beginner’s Guide to


Office EMF Protection


Lowering Your EMF Exposure While You’re Working

Office EMF Shielding Products

People spend a lot of time at their desks and in front of their computers. The most common computer and router setups subject the users to an ever increasing amount of EMF exposure.

By making some easy hardware changes and upgrades this EMF exposure can be reduced substantially.

Read through each product section to view how each can contribute to lower EMF levels.


Wired Keyboards

Wireless keyboards connect via Bluetooth and inundate you with radio frequency radiation throughout your time on the computer.

By utilizing a wired keyboard, you can sidestep that exposure.


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Corded Mouse

A wireless mouse uses bluetooth to communicate with your laptop or desktop computer. To prevent this RF field exposure, use a wired mouse instead.

If you’d like to go further and really prevent your exposure, LessEMF has some old-school “ball-roller” type corded mice that will have next to no EMF emissions. Click on their company’s link below to order those.


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Airtube Headphones & Low EMF Radiation Headphones

Standard headphones have the speaker in your ear or directly adjacent to your ear. This means the magnetic fields produced by the speaker are in extremely close proximity to your brain.

Airtube headphones have the speaker much lower on the cord and then the sound reverberates upward. The result is lower proximity to the EMF source and, thus, lower exposure.

There are several brands of airtube headphones to choose from, but one of the most popular is the DefenderShield version.

It has a standard 3.5 mm plug, so remember to purchase a lightning connector if you’re going to be using it with a newer version phone that requires it (such as an iPhone 8 and above).


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TrueDark or other Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The artificial blue light produced by phones, laptops and tablets is unhealthy in several ways.

Blue light is thought to be detrimental to sleep hygiene, overall brain functioning, and damaging to one’s eyesight and skin.

Blue light blocking glasses help temper your exposure and ensure a better night’s sleep.


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Router Signal Tamer

This is a pouch that you place over your router to prevent it from radiating 90-95% of its normal radio frequency levels.

We obviously recommend that you hard wire your home and don’t use a WiFi router at all, but you may have to compromise if a spouse refuses or if you’re locked into using wireless home security systems. In that case the Signal Tamer or the WaveCage below are good options for reducing your RF exposure.


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Wavecage or Router Guard

As mentioned above, the best thing to do is to remove your wireless router entirely.

If you can’t or unable to do that, it would be a smart choice to block some of the RF radiation coming from the router. Both the WaveCage and the WiFi Router Guard can achieve a reduction in this exposure.


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USB Grounding Cord

Many laptop computers simply have a two prong plug and are ungrounded.

An ungrounded computer means the user is being subjected to unnecessary AC electric fields.

This type of USB grounding cord will ground your computer and lower your electric field exposure.

This assumes that the system ground in your outlet and home is connected properly. Learn how to test the ground in your outlet (coming soon).


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USB-to-Ethernet adapter

Many newer laptop models no longer have an ethernet port to plug into.

To remedy this, you’ll need a USB-to-Ethernet connector. This is an easy way to utilize a hard-wired internet connection and keep the wireless router in the closet collecting dust, where it belongs.

Some, laptops utilize USB C connections (Macbooks and some PC laptops), so you may need to purchase a USB to USB C connector, as well.


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Shielded Internet Cable

Unfortunately, regular ethernet cable can produce both electric fields and radio frequency fields.

You can help mitigate this risk by using shielded network cables.

Regular ethernet cable can also be grounded using grounding clips.


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Conductive Tubing

These tubes are made out of conductive black polyethylene and are used to mitigate electric fields from power cords.

~ $1.15/ft

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