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How to Test for Electric Fields

In this EMF Field Guide we’re going to give you a brief overview of how to DIY test for AC electric fields.

To test for AC electric fields you’ll need to purchase a field voltage meter. To read our current recommended meter picks, please visit our Recommended EMF Meters page.

Let’s get started:

How to Test Your Home or Office for AC Electric Fields

As mentioned above, you’ll need a field voltage meter to do DIY electric field surveying.

If you don’t have one already, please see our Recommended EMF Meters chapter.

Field voltage meters are relatively easy to use, but due to the variety of models on the market it can be difficult to demonstrate the use of and address all the possible issues that meter owners may encounter.

Initially, we recommend that people read their EMF Meter manual thoroughly. If there are still issues afterwards, we always recommend searching “How to use + EMF MODEL YOU PURCHASED” in both Youtube and your preferred search engine.

Having said that, we’ve included some instructional videos below that address how to measure AC electric fields for some of the EMF meter models that we recommend DIYers purchase.

We hope to have our own video tutorials up on these pages before long.

Lastly, as with all our sections, some of the outbound links may be affiliate links to help our mission of EMF education.


How to detect AC electric fields with a Trifield TF2 EMF Meter

The Trifield TF2 EMF meter is one of the more popular meters used to detect AC electric fields.  You can read our review of the Trifield TF2 here.

Below is a video from Patrick van der Burght of Geovital, where he goes over how to use the various settings of the Trifield TF2.  We start the video where he begins with the Electric Field settings.

New TF2 Trifield gauss meter unit review - watch before buying


How to detect AC electric fields with a Cornet ED88T EMF Meter

The Cornet ED88T is another affordable field voltage meter.

Below is a video from Josh del Sol (of Take Back Your Power) that shows how to detect magnetic fields with this EMF meter. We’ve fast forwarded to the appropriate section.

REVIEW & GUIDE: Cornet ED88TPlus electrosmog meter


How to detect AC electric fields with a Gigahertz ME3851A EMF Meter

The Gigahertz ME3851A is another one of our recommended EMF Meters.

Below is a video from Safe Living Technologies that shows how to detect electric fields with this EMF meter. We’ve fast forwarded to the appropriate section.

ME3851A and ME3951A EMF Meter Video 1080p


How to detect AC electric fields with a GQ EMF-390 EMF Meter

The GQ EMF-390 is another popular three-in-one EMF meter.

Below is a video by Gary Fong that shows how this meter detects AC electric fields, along with AC magnetic fields and RF fields.

How To Choose And Use An Inexpensive #EMFMeter


How to detect AC electric fields with the Gigahertz NFA1000

The Gigahertz NFA1000 EMF Meter is a popular meter with EMF Professionals for the detection of AC electric fields.

Below is a video from Safe Living Technologies that shows how to detect electric fields with this EMF meter. We’ve fast forwarded to the appropriate section.

Gigahertz Solutions - NFA1000 EMF Meter

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