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Chapter 12: The Beginner’s Guide to


EMF Shielding for Homes & Bedrooms


Lowering Your EMF Exposure While You’re at Home

Home EMF Shielding Products for Bedrooms & Living Areas

After your home has been surveyed for EMFs the mitigation work begins.

Below are a list of products that, if installed and used properly, will lower your exposure to the four types of EMFs that the Building Biology field view as problematic.

Special attention should be provided to the bedrooms, due to the frequency of time spent there and the importance of unencumbered, restorative sleep.

To lower your exposure to common home office sources, please visit our “Office EMF Protection” page.


RF Blocking Bed Canopies

These bed canopies contain RF blocking material (such as Naturell and Daylite) and effectively reduce or nearly eliminate external and indoor sources of radio frequency radiation. These sources include cell phones, cell towers, wifi routers, and bluetooth.

By utilizing a bed canopy, you’re giving yourself a respite from the RF fields that seem to be everywhere in urban environments.

Safe Living Technologies is a great resource for bed canopies. If ordering from the Safe Living Technologies website, use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off your order.


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Power Shut-Offs and Remote Cut-Off Switches

To eliminate AC electric fields at night, you can have an electrician install a remote cut-off switch.

These switches fully de-energize a circuit or circuits which will eliminate the electrica fields emanating from them.

Prior to ordering one of these, you’ll want to have an EMF consultant survey your breaker box and determine which combination of breakers being turned off will yield the lowest exposure levels.

To learn more about these and the requisite number to order, contact Safe Living Technologies.

If ordering from Safe Living Technologies, use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off your order.


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Dirty Electricity Filters

After you or an EMF specialist have determined that there are elevated levels of dirty electricity, you can begin reducing the levels with the use of dirty electricity filters.

The two most common brands are Stetzerizer and Greenwave.

You’ll want to have a dirty electricity meter to measure the levels prior and after use of the filters.


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RF Shielding Window Film

This is a film that you apply to your windows to block RF fields.

It comes in clear and tinted varieties and boasts an efficacy of 99.99%.

Contact Safe Living Technologies for more information on these products. If you decide to order from them, use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off.

Price Varies By Size



RF Shielding Paint

YShield is a “grounding” paint that has an RF shielding effectiveness of 99.975%.

It can be used on the interior and exterior of home and is an effective means of lowering your radio frequency radiation exposure.

Contact Safe Living Technologies for more information about YShield and how to ensure it is effectively applied. If you decide to order from them, use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off.

Price Varies By Size



RF Shielding Mesh or Foil

RF blocking mesh or foil can be used inside the walls to block radio frequency radiation from exterior sources or from adjacent neighbors in apartment or condo situation.

Contact Safe Living Technologies for more information about both of these options and to learn how to properly apply them. If you decide to order from them, use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off.

Price Varies By Size


Router Signal Tamer

This is a pouch that you place over your router to prevent it from radiating 90-95% of its normal radio frequency levels.

We obviously recommend that you hard wire your home and don’t use a WiFi router at all, but you may have to compromise if a spouse refuses or if you’re locked into using wireless home security systems. In that case the Signal Tamer or the WaveCage below are good options for reducing your RF exposure.


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Wavecage or Router Guard

As mentioned above, the best thing to do is to remove your wireless router entirely.

If you can’t or unable to do that, it would be a smart choice to block some of the RF radiation coming from the router. Both the WaveCage and the WiFi Router Guard can achieve a reduction in this exposure.


(at last check)


Shielded Ethernet Cable

The first step in getting rid of wifi is setting up a hardwire internet connection with ethernet cables.  Unfortunately, regular ethernet cable can produce both electric and radio frequency fields.

You can help mitigate this risk by using shielded network cables.


(at last check)


USB-to-Ethernet adapter

Many newer laptop models no longer have an ethernet port to plug into.

To remedy this, you’ll need a USB-to-Ethernet connector. This is an easy way to utilize a hard-wired internet connection and keep the wireless router in the closet collecting dust, where it belongs.

Some, laptops utilize USB C connections (Macbooks and some PC laptops), so you may need to purchase a USB to USB C connector, as well.


(at last check)


USB Grounding Cord

Many laptop computers simply have a two prong plug and are therefore ungrounded.

An ungrounded computer means the user is being subjected to AC electric fields unnecessarily.

This grounding cord is very easy to use as it plugs into a USB slot and then simply plugs into the wall. This grounds your computer (assuming your home’s system ground is good) and lowers your electric field exposure.


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AC Magnetic Field Shielding

G-Iron Flex is a flexible material that can help reduce the strength of AC magnetic fields.

It can help reduce most sources of AC magnetic fields, but is especially effective at smaller internal sources like appliances and circuit breaker panels.

Contact the good people at Safe Living Technologies for more information on the applications and installation of G-Iron Flex.  If you decide to order from them, don’t forget to use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off.

Price Varies By Size


TrueDark or other Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We mentioned these in our previous section on Office EMF Protection, but it bears repeating as many people read their phones or tablets prior to going to sleep..

These glasses will lower your exposure to blue light, which should help improve your sleep hygiene, overall brain functioning, and cause less damage to one’s eyesight and skin.


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Conductive Tubing

These tubes are made out of conductive black polyethylene and help reduce AC electric fields that emanate from power cords.

~ $1.15/ft

(At last check)

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