Chapter 11: The Beginner’s Guide to


How to Test for EMFs:
DIY EMF Testing

Okay, so you’ve decided you’d like to do some or all of the EMF testing yourself.

In this chapter, we point you toward resources on our site that explain the EMF meters you’ll need and how to use many of the most common models.

Let’s get started:

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DIY EMF Testing

DIY EMF testing is a three part process:

1 – Purchasing or Renting EMF Meters

When it comes to EMF meters you’ll want the most accurate meters that fit into your budget.  Please see our chapter on the Best EMF Meters of 2022 that covers our recommended meters in every price range.

2 – The Testing

Below are some links to how to test with some of the more popular EMF meters on the market.

3 – Assessing Your Results

Please see our chapter on how to Understand Your EMF Testing Results to see domestic and international EMF standards.

A Note on Recording Your Tests

We always recommend recording your EMF levels when doing your testing with your meter. It gives you a record from which you can compare EMF levels from one day to the next and even the levels during a lone day.

For example, magnetic fields from external power lines can deviate a surprising amount during a day, due to demand.

One of the simplest ways to record your EMF levels for the “Four Fields to Forgo” is to get some graph paper and draw out the shape of each room in your home on the paper. Regular paper is obviously fine, too, but graphing paper sometimes helps keep the proportionality of the rooms intact.

We also provide blank, printable room templates with the purchase of our Kindle and eBook versions of the Beginner’s Guide to EMFs. Learn more here.

There are several home inspection apps for Android and iOS that could be helpful if you’d prefer to do this on a phone or tablet (in airplane mode, of course).

Step 01 – Choosing an EMF Meter

Our favorite EMF meters.

The Best EMF Meters of 2024

Our favorite EMF meters for varying budgets.

EMF Meter Reviews

All EMF Meter Reviews

Reviews of a lot of EMF meters on the market.

Step 02 – Learn the Basics of How to Use Your EMF Meters

AC Magnetic Fields

How to Test for
Magnetic Fields

How to use your gaussmeter to test for magnetic fields.

Radio Frequency Fields

How to Test for Radio Frequency Fields

How to use your RF meter to test for radio frequency fields.

5G RF Fields

How to Test for 5G radio frequency fields

How to use your meter to test for RF fields in the 5G frequencies.

AC Electric Fields

How to Test for AC Electric Fields

How to use your field voltage meter to test for electric fields.

Dirty Electricity

How to Test for Dirty Electricity

How to use your DE meters to test for dirty electricity.

Step 03 – Test Notes & Interpreting Your Test Results

Notes & Test Results

Taking Notes and Interpreting Your EMF Test

Some advice on note taking and standards on which to compare.

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