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The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs



Welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs!

This guide will educate you about EMFs and help you make more informed lifestyle decisions, especially in regard to the use of technology.

Some of the information will be eye-opening, but this is a journey worth undertaking and we thank you for reading and sharing the content.

Let’s begin:

Section 01

A Quick Reminder

To ensure your safety, here’s a reminder of do’s and don’ts.

Section 02

Common Icons in the Guide

Here’s a list of common icons found in this EMF guide.

Section 03

Why I Wrote This

Some background on what this guide is and why I wrote it.

Section 01:


A Quick Safety Reminder from Legal

#1 – This Is For Education Only

The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs IS Not Advice & Is For Learning Purposes Only

The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs is not, in any shape or form, medical, legal or electrical advice. All information presented is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

#2 – Don’t Mess With Your Electrical

Do not mess with your electrical system in any manner!

Only a certified electrician should be making changes to your electrical system! Don’t take a chance and put you or your loved ones at risk. It’s just not worth it.

#3 – When in Doubt Call an EMF Pro

If In Doubt, Contact one of the EMF Consultants in our Directory

If you have any questions regarding the information presented here and how to utilize it in your home or place of work, please visit our EMF Professionals page.

Section 02:


Common Icons Found Throughout the Guide

Section 01

Deep Dive

These sections go more in-depth on the topic at hand. Feel free to skip over these if not interested.

Section 02

Possible Dangers

This icon indicates particular sources of EMFs that you should be wary of.

Section 03

Protect Yourself

This icon indicates a tip on how to protect yourself from EMF exposure.

Section: 03:


Why I Wrote The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs

My Story

My EMF journey began with my daughter having difficulty sleeping. 

We had moved into a new home and, while normally an impressive sleeper, she began waking up several times a night. 

After a week of none of the us sleeping well, I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and got to work trying to sort the problem out.  While investigating, I began wondering if something external might be contributing to her poor sleep.

I soon realized that the electric utility’s meter was located directly on the other side of the wall from where she was laying her head.

It was down the rabbit hole from there.

I wrote The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs to spread the word on what I’ve learned since then from studying on my own, getting professional EMF certification,  and being a part of a burgeoning and supportive practitioner community. 

This guide will show how you and your family are exposed to these man-made EMFs and provide guidance on how you can reduce your exposure.

With this introduction in mind, here’s what this guide is and what it isn’t:

  • This guide (written in beginning, layman’s terms) will provide a foundation for understanding man-made EMFs and their potential risks.
  • This guide will teach you how to reduce and often eliminate man-made EMF sources in your home. This can be done by yourself in or conjunction with an EMF consultant.01
  • This is a guide on how to safeguard the people and the pets that you love from unwanted and unnecessary levels of electromagnetic radiation.
  • This isn’t a guide that demands you live like a Luddite and give up the technology entirely if you aren’t hypersensitive to its effects.

We hope you find The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs informative and helpful.

Onward, we go.

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The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs

About Us

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to EMFs. Our site attempts to inform you of the possible invisible dangers that you and your family may be subjected to.


None of the content here should construed as medical or legal advice and is purely for learning and entertainment purposes.

Do not mess with your electrical system in any manner, way, shape, or form!

Only a certified electrician should be making changes to your electrical system!

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