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Man-Made EMFs & the Electromagnetic Spectrum


A Bit More Explanation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Man-made EMFs

Man-made EMFs & the Electromagnetic Spectrum

As mentioned in our chapter on What are EMFs?, the Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range of all types of electromagnetic radiation. The spectrum goes from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation all the way to gamma rays.

Remember, the radiation differentiates itself only by the frequency and the wavelength and that these are inversely proportional.

In reference to the spectrum, you go from long wavelength, low frequency, lower energy density waves to small wavelength, high frequency, high energy density waves.

Where the Electromagnetic Spectrum Splits

If you look at the spectrum, you’ll notice that it’s divided into two parts: non-ionizing radiation on the left and ionizing radiation on the right.

The man-made “Four Fields to Forgo” are found along the non-ionizing portion of the spectrum. AC Electric and Magnetic Fields are found in the 60Hz range on the far left in the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) range. Radio Frequency Fields are just left of center in the MHz and GHz ranges.

To help you better understand this, we’ve included three videos on the Electromagnetic Spectrum:

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