Chapter 13: The Beginner’s Guide to


Personal EMF Shielding

In this chapter, you’ll learn about personal EMF shielding.

You’ll learn practical ways to protect yourself inside your home and especially outside of it.

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Personal EMF Shielding

According to Nielson, the average person consumes 10 hours of screentime a day. Many of these hours are on close proximity devices, such as smart phones, laptops and tablets.

All-in-all that’s an awful lot of time being inundated by radio frequency fields and other EMFs. By making small changes (such as using devices in airplane mode) and by utilizing some of the following products in moderation, people can reduce their family’s exposure levels.

Read through each product section to view how each can contribute to lower EMF levels.

Section 01:


Tech Alternatives and Tech Shielding

In this section, we’ll look at some alternatives to common technology that people use and common shielding options that people can pursue, as well.

These are affordable options to, often drastically, reduce your or your loved one’s EMF exposures.

Let’s begin:


Airtube Headphones

We mentioned these in the Office EMF Protection chapter, as well. The beauty of these headphones is that they make you less susceptible to the EMF radiation from popular bluetooth wireless headphones and from the magnetic fields produced from the headphones that have the speaker in your ear or directly adjacent to your ear.

Eliminating the RF fields or increasing the distance from the magnetic fields is a good thing.

There are several brands of airtube headphones to choose from, but one of the most popular is the DefenderShield version.

It has a standard 3.5 mm plug, so remember to purchase a lightning connector if you’re going to be using it with a newer version phone that requires it (such as an iPhone 8 and above).


(at last check)


EMF Blocking Cell Phone Cases

We always recommend that our clients put their cell phones into airplane mode whenever possible, but we know there are times when people have to be available to be contacted.

For those limited scenarios, getting one of these cases can limit your exposure.

DefenderShield and Safesleeve are two of the more well known manufacturers of these cases.


(at last check)


Laptop EMF Shielding

Most people sit in chairs or on the couch with their laptops resting on their laps. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of close proximity EMF exposure.

The safest solution, by far, is to use a computer at desk or table with a wired mouse and keyboard and a wired internet connection.

If you’re going to occasionally use a laptop on your laptop, an EMF laptop shield will reduce your exposure to AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields and radio frequency radiation emanating from your computer.

DefenderShield and Safesleeve are two of the more well known manufacturers of these cases.

Click the Amazon link below to see other alternatives.

~ $100

(This model, the DefenderPad Laptop Shield, at last check.)


Tablet Shielding

Like with laptops, most people use their tablet on their lap and this leads to RF radiation exposure.

Because of this, we always prefer that people use their tablet in airplane mode or rig a wired, ethernet connection to their tablets.

In the times when you’re unable to do this, a tablet shielding case can help reduce your exposure.

DefenderShield and Safesleeve are two of the more well known manufacturers of types of tablet cases.

Click the Amazon link below to see other alternatives.


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TrueDark or other Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The artificial blue light produced by phones, laptops and tablets is unhealthy in several ways.

Blue light is thought to be detrimental to sleep hygiene, overall brain functioning, and damaging to one’s eyesight and skin.

Blue light blocking glasses help temper your exposure and ensure a better night’s sleep.


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EMF Protection Blankets

EMF Protection Blankets are another line of defense in lowering your RF exposure.

e always prefer that people use their laptops or tablets in airplane mode or connected with a wired, ethernet connection.

We realize this isn’t always possible, however, so an RF protection blanket will lower your RF exposure.

DefenderShield and Safesleeve are two of the more well known manufacturers of types of tablet cases.

Click the Amazon link below to see other alternatives.


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EMF Shielding Clothing

There’s a wide array of EMF shielding clothing available today.

We can’t speak to their efficacy and they vary widely in how fashionable or practical the garments are, but if you’re especially sensitive to radio frequency radiation they may be worth a go.

Less EMF has a lot of EMF clothing options if you’re interested.


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