Chapter 13: EMF Meter Reviews


The Best EMF Meters of 2023
Meters For Every Budget

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In this chapter, we’re going to share with you our 2023 recommendations for purchasing the best EMF meter for your EMF testing needs.  Whether it’s measuring the power lines in your backyard or the 5G tower down the street, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll show you our personal favorites, great entry level meters and the pro-grade meters that EMF specialists use.

Let’s begin:

Our Top Picks

Meters We Recommend

When asked, these are the meters we recommend to clients and friends.


Bang For Your Buck

These are excellent, entry-level EMF meters for the DIYers that don’t want to spend a lot.

What Pros Use

Pro-Level EMF Meters

For the highest accuracy and data tracking options, these are the Pro-level EMF meters.

Our Favorite EMF Meters, All in one Kit

RM16 Electrosmog Meter Kit

Measure Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, Radio Frequency Fields & Dirty Electricity

This is the meter kit we recommend to clients and friends or family. It comes with all our favorite meters, plus a carrying case and a shortwave radio to assist you in finding dirty electricity.

Section 01:


Our Favorites – The Best EMF Meters for 2023

These are our favorite EMF meters to recommend to people that want to DIY test for EMFs.

These can be purchased individually or in a kit that includes a carrying case and an extra radio to test for the presence of dirty electricity.

Our Favorites – The Individual Meters

Safe and Sound Pro II EMF Meter


Safe and Sound Pro II

Radio Frequency Fields

Read our Safe and Sound Pro II Review.

This is a very accurate radio frequency meter developed by Safe Living Technologies that you can take with you everywhere.

With a range of 650 MHz – 10GHz, it’s useful for the measurement of RF fields from cell phones (which includes some of the 5G spectrum), cell towers, blue-tooth devices and products and routers that utilize Wi-fi.

This is a great value for the money and it used by many EMF professionals as one of their RF meters.  It’s very portable, as well.


Gigahertz ME3851A


Gigahertz ME3851A Meter

Magnetic Fields & Electric Fields

The ME3851A is very good mid-level level gaussmeter and electric field meter.

It’s a single-axis meter for detection of both, but allows you to get very accurate readings of magnetic fields (down to .001 mG) and electric fields (down to .1 vM).

Overall, it provides high-end precision at a good value.

For a little higher testing range there’s also the ME3951A, also made by Gigahertz Solutions.

Team it up with a good RF meter and a clamp meter and you’re good to go.

Clamp Meter


Trifield Line EMI Meter

Dirty Electricity

The Trifield Line EMI Meter works great for the testing and detection of dirty electricity or line EMI.

The meter is used to ascertain the overall dirty electricity levels in your home.

This is to determine how many dirty electricity filters (or perhaps a whole-home dirty electricity filter) you will need to effectively reduce the DE levels in bedrooms and other frequented areas.

See our DE meter reviews for other options.

Reading are presented in mVpp (milliVolts Peak-to-Peak).

Section 02:


The Starter, Budget EMF Meters

These budget EMF meters are a great way to begin testing your home for EMFs.

We start with the Trifield TF2 meter which can measure magnetic, electric and radio frequency fields.

To detect dirty electricity we have a Stetzerizer meter and the clamp meter helps determine if there’s some stray electrical current on your utility lines.


Trifield TF2 EMF Meter

Magnetic Fields – Electric Fields – RF Fields

Read our complete Trifield TF2 review.

As we mentioned in our chapter of EMF meter reviews, this is the introductory EMF meter that we recommend most to beginners that are interested in DIY EMF testing.

The beauty of the TF2 is that it is a 3-in-1 EMF meter than can measure AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields and radio frequency fields. While it’s not in the ballpark of professional meters, it gives you a good general idea of your exposure at a reasonable price point.

Combine this with a dirty electricity meter and a clamp-on meter and you’re ready to to do a broad ranging EMF survey.


Stetzerizer Meter

Dirty Electricity

The Stetzerizer Meter is the original DE meter and most commonly used meter in the detection and measurement of dirty electricity.

As with the Greenwave EMI Meter this meter is used to ascertain the overall dirty electricity levels in your home and to determine how many dirty electricity filters you will need to reduce the DE levels in frequented areas.

Reading are presented in Graham Stetzer Units.

Clamp Meter


Clamp Meter

Stray Current

A clamp meter is used to determine if there is excess electrical current coming from utility lines.

This is a basic meter, but has everything you need to check for current on water lines, cable tv lines, telephone lines and internet provider lines.

Section 03:


Pro-Level EMF Meters

The professional level meters listed here, realistically, may be too expensive for most of you DIYers.

We start with the Gigahertz NFA1000, the “Cadillac” for magnetic and electric field measurements.

For RF measurements, we have the Gigahertz HF59B and HF59D for the combined, full spectrum of 27 MHz-10 GHz.

These are offered in an EMF Kit with a lot of extras to make your testing easier.

Get What the Pros Use

MK70-3D Plus 1.0 Electrosmog Test Kit

Meters to Measure Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, & Radio Frequency Fields

This is the EMF meter kit that many EMF specialists use when doing their surveys.  It’s not cheap, but will give you incredible accuracy.  It comes with a ton of extras.  Add an Line EMI Meter to test for dirty electricity and you’re good to go.

The Individual Meters


Gigahertz NFA1000

Magnetic Fields & Electric Fields

This is the meter that a majority of the professional EMF specialists use for AC magnetic and AC electric field surveying.

Magnetic and electrical fields are measured with 3-axes and it’s got more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at (graphical data mapping, time-mapping, etc…).

Read all about the features here.

Combine this with an HF59B & HF59D and a clamp-on meter and you’re equipped like the pros.

Gigahertz HF59B


Gigahertz HF59B

Radio Frequency Fields

This is one of the radio frequency meters you’ll see an EMF professional utilizing.

The HF59B measures RF fields in the 27 MHz– 3.3 GHz range and utilizes multiple antennas for general exposure surveying and for pinpointing the exposure from individual sources.

A staple of the professionals equipment.

Gigahertz HF59D


Gigahertz HF59D

Radio Frequency Fields

This is another radio frequency meter you’ll see an EMF professional measuring with.

The HF59D covers the higher RF field range from 2.4 GHz – 10 GHz (including radar).

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