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EMF Shielding for Pets

In this appendix section, you’ll learn about EMF shielding for your pets.

We go over protecting your pets in great detail in our Step-by-Step EMF Guide titled Pets and EMFs and we encourage you to read that chapter first.

Let’s begin:

EMF Shielding for Pets

EMF shielding for pets is basically the same for shielding yourself or your family members.

This means mainly protecting the animals where they sleep or rest.

As mentioned above, more information on protecting your pets from EMFs can be found in our Step-by-Step EMF Guide on Pets and EMFs.

Below are a couple of shielding options for RF, electric and magnetic fields. Some of the links are affiliate links to further our mission of EMF education.


RF Shielding Bed Canopies

These bed canopies contain RF blocking material (such as Naturell and Daylite) and effectively reduce or nearly eliminate external and indoor sources of radio frequency radiation. These sources include cell phones, cell towers, wifi routers, and bluetooth.

These are made for adult sized beds, but could be modified to fit your animal’s sleeping space.

By utilizing a bed canopy, you’re giving your pet a respite from the RF fields originating from your home and the outside.

Learn more on our RF Blocking Bed Canopy page.

Safe Living Technologies is a great resource for bed canopies. If ordering from the Safe Living Technologies website, use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off your order.


RF Shielding Fabrics

These fabrics are very useful at shielding against RF radiation and would be very useful for constructing a protected crate, birdcage or other smaller, sleeping structure for your animal.

As with the bed canopies, Safe Living Technologies is a great source for these. Use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off your order.


Power Shut-Offs and Remote Cut-Off Switches

This isn’t truly a “shielding” product, but we wanted to add it in case you haven’t read the portion of our guide on What are AC Electric Fields?

To eliminate AC electric fields at night, you can have an electrician install a remote cut-off switch.

These switches fully de-energize a circuit or circuits which will eliminate the electric fields emanating from them.

Prior to ordering one of these, you’ll want to have an EMF consultant survey your breaker box and determine which combination of breakers being turned off will yield the lowest exposure levels for the areas where you and your pets are sleeping.

Learn more about these on our remote cut off switch page.

To learn more about these and the requisite number to order, contact Safe Living Technologies.

If ordering from Safe Living Technologies, use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off your order.


Dirty Electricity Filters

This is also not technically a shielding product either. We wanted to have this here in case you haven’t read our chapter on What is Dirty Electricity?

To have a true “low-EMF” sleeping environment for your pet, you’ll want to make sure the DE levels in the room where they sleep is low.

After you or an EMF specialist have determined that there are elevated levels of dirty electricity, you can begin reducing the levels with the use of dirty electricity filters.

The two most common brands are Stetzerizer and Greenwave.

You’ll want to have a dirty electricity meter to measure the levels prior and after use of the filters.


Magnetic Field Shielding

If your pet is sleeping in an area of the house that’s subjected to elevated magnetic field levels from an internal source (behind a refrigerator, next to a furnace, etc…) and you moving them isn’t an option, G-Iron Flex could possibly reduce the strength of the fields.

It can help reduce most sources of AC magnetic fields, but is especially effective at smaller internal sources.

Contact the good people at Safe Living Technologies for more information on the applications and installation of G-Iron Flex. If you decide to order from them, don’t forget to use the code DIYEMF to receive 5% off.

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