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Pregnancy & EMFs:
The Definitive Guide

This field guide was written to better inform you or your loved ones on the possible dangers of EMFs during pregnancy.

This information will allow you to make informed decisions on the amount of EMF exposure you’re willing to put up with for yourself and your unborn child.

We hope you find it useful.

Let’s begin:

Steps to Take to Ensure Your Unborn Child’s EMF Exposure is as Low as Possible

The growth of your child in utero is a wondrous process. This guide will help you limit your EMF exposure during these important developmental months.

We’ll focus on the four man-made EMFs, provide a list of common sources and give you reduction/shielding tips for each.

These will lower the exposure of the rest of your family and your pets, as well.

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Steps to a Low EMF Pregnancy

Step 01

Learn More About EMFs

Learn about EMFs & the scientific health studies of EMFs.

Step 02

RF Sources to Know

Learn more about radio frequency field sources.

Step 03

AC Magnetic Field Sources

Learn more about AC magnetic field sources.

Step 04

AC Electric Fields Sources

Learn more about AC electric field sources.

Step 05

Dirty Electricity Sources

Learn more about dirty electricity sources.

Step 06

Testing: Hire a Pro or DIY

Be certain of a low EMF environment by testing the room.

Step 07

DIY EMF Testing

The meters and resources you’ll need to DIY EMF test.

Step 08

EMF Blocking Products

Products that may lower EMF exposure in your nursery.

Step 09

Recap & Other Resources

A recap of this EMF field guide, plus additional resources.

Step 01:


Learn More About EMFs & the Scientific Studies

We’ll begin by giving you some resources to better understand what EMFs are and the man-made “Four Fields to Forgo” that we specifically focus on.

We’ll also point you to some scientific studies on the health effects of EMFs.

Let’s get started:


Read The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs & other EMF Field Guides

If you’re unsure of what EMFs are, please take some time and read the opening chapters of The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs. These chapters will give you a better understanding of what EMFs are in general and what we mean when we write about AC Magnetic Fields, Radio Frequency Fields, 5G Radio Frequency Fields, AC Electric Fields and Dirty Electricity.

These are available for free on this website. Click the links in the previous paragraph or from the menu at the top of the page.

Afterwards, we’ve also written EMF Field Guides that are quick reads and give you a better sense of common sources of these man-made EMFs.

These are also free on here.

Click on “EMF Field Guides” in the top nav.

All this content is available in Kindle and eReader versions, as well, if you would prefer to read these off-line or simply want to support our educational mission. Much obliged!


A Brief Overview of Scientific Studies on EMFs & Pregnancies

Several scientific studies on in utero exposure to EMFs (specifically radio frequency fields and AC magnetic fields) show apparent correlation for the increased likelihood of several negative outcomes.

These are as follows:

  • Increased likelihood of miscarriage.
  • Increased chance of ADHD and behavioral issues in later childhood.
  • Possible speech issues.
  • Fetal growth deficiencies and skeletal variations in mice.
  • Increased cancer risk in rats

A good resource to learn more about these studies is the Baby Safe Project. They have an informative page that lists a wide range of studies on pregnancy and EMFs

One of there videos can be seen below:

Protect Your Pregnancy From Wireless Radiation

For general EMF studies please visit our EMF Health Studies page.

On there you’ll find a wide array of scientific studies on EMFs including the “four fields to forgo:” Radio Frequency Fields, AC Magnetic Fields, AC Electric Fields, and Dirty Electricity.

Section 02:


Identify Common Radio Frequency Radiation Sources That May Affect You and Your Unborn Child

Radio frequency fields are one of the most frequent exposures that pregnant women experience with EMFs.

Below we’ll go over the most common sources. View our other EMF Field Guides to see many other sources.

Let’s get started:


Cell Phones and Pregnancy

Cell phones are continually giving off radio frequency radiation as the devices communicate with cell towers, wifi routers and bluetooth devices.

Here are some tips:

A) – A simple solution to reduce this exposure for you and your children is to place your phone in airplane mode (with wi-fi and bluetooth off) when you’re not waiting for an important phone call.

B) – Don’t store your phone in your pockets, a purse you’re carrying, your bra or anywhere close to you or your unborn child if the phone is not in airplane mode with bluetooth and wi-fi turned off.

C) – Audio or video calls of any duration should be made with wired landline phones or via hardwired screens that can be at a distance from yourself.  We’ll have a guide on how to forward your cell phone calls to your landline shortly.

D) – Any texting should be infrequent and at an arm’s length from your torso.

A Low EMF Solution

Cell phones have become nearly ubiquitous in our society today and can be a frequent close source of RF radiation for your unborn child. Being diligent in using airplane mode and being mindful of distance can lower their exposure considerably.


IPads, Tablets & eReaders

These should also be in airplane mode, as much as possible, with wi-fi and bluetooth turned off.

Most movie or show purchases you make will be available for offline viewing.

The Netflix app, YouTube app and Amazon Prime app all allow downloading of their content for offline viewing, as well.

Laptop computers fall into this category, as well. We’ll address them in the magnetic field section below.

A Low EMF Solution

Airplane mode is your friend.


Airplane Mode, Airplane Mode, Airplane Mode

Just wanted to hammer the point home that when you use a cell phone or tablet, if possible, put it in airplane mode making sure that wi-fi and bluetooth are turned off.

This will drastically reduce your RF radiation exposure.

A Low EMF Solution

One more vote for airplane mode!


Wi-Fi and Wi-fi Extenders

Wi-fi routers and extenders/boosters, like cell phones, are a common source of radio frequency radiation.

If you can stop using wi-fi entirely and only use hardwired internet connections, please do so!

Hardwiring your internet isn’t difficult and will eliminate your exposure to this entirely.

This may not be possible due to security, medical or housing arrangements, but if its simply a matter of choice & convenience get in the habit of keeping it off as much as possible.

One product we recommend to our clients is an infra-red remote on/off switch. This switch basically plugs into a socket and then your router is plugged into the switch and can be turned on and off with a remote control.

If you have to occasionally use wifi, you can utilize this to turn the router on and then immediately turn it off after you’re done.

Additionally, make sure the places you frequent in the home are as far away from the router as possible.

Learn more about this on/off switch.


A Low EMF Solution

If you have to periodically use it, turning off you wi-fi can be achieved by the following means:

A – Some internet providers that have a wireless router bundled with their service modem have apps that you can use to remotely turn the wireless router on and off.

B – Put your wireless router on a mechanical timer that you plug into your electrical outlet. This will turn it off every day at a selected time.

C – Utilize a remote IR kill switch. Right before you go to bed, you can turn off your wireless router with the click of a button and then turn it back on when you wake up.


Smart Watches & Fitness Trackers

A lot of the time your wrist will be directly adjacent to your torso, so these should be in airplane mode with wi-fi and bluetooth turned off.

Unless there’s a medical requirement, these might be best not used at all during your pregnancy.

A Low EMF Solution

You’re probably tired of hearing about airplane mode by now.


Cordless Phones

Cordless phones produce an astonishing amount of RF radiation. Most phones come with multiple docking stations that are often found in multiple rooms.

Just get rid of these entirely and get old-school corded phones for your landlines.

A Low EMF Solution

Chuck ’em and get the corded variety.


Entertainment Technology

Entertainment consoles are littered with all types of devices that produce radio frequency radiation through the use of wifi, bluetooth and/or cellular technology.

Common sources of radio frequency radiation in the average living or TV room are:

– Smart TVs
– Wireless Cable Boxes (Comcast, DirectTV, Dish Network)
– Gaming systems (Playstations, Xbox and Nintendo)
– Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Home)
– DVD players with smart features
– Digital Media Players (Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku)
– Wireless speakers (Sonos, Bose)
– Bluetooth computer peripherals (wireless mouse and keyboard)

These fields can be reduced or removed by turning off the wireless and bluetooth functionality and running a hardwired ethernet connection to the devices instead.

At a minimum, put the devices on a power strip that can easily be turned off when not in use.

A Low EMF Solution

View our EMF Field Guide to Lower EMF Exposure in Living Rooms and TV Rooms to learn more about these.


Other Internal RF Sources

Other common internal sources of radio frequency radiation are:

– Wireless security systems
– IoT (The Internet of Things or smart home products)

View our other EMF Field Guides to learn more about these sources.

A Low EMF Solution

We cover many of these in our other EMF Field Guides, but recommend going without these if possible.


External RF Sources

Two common sources of external radio frequency sources are wireless utility meters and close proximity cell towers.

Wireless utility meters can and should be swapped out for non-transmitting models, when possible. They can be shielded, as well.

Cell phone towers should be avoided as much as possible.

You’ll be surprised how many churches, schools, business/shopping centers and parks have cell phone towers on top of them or directly adjacent to them.

A Low EMF Solution

We’ll have more how-to guides on this material coming soon.

Section 03:


Identify Common AC Magnetic Field Radiation Sources That May Affect Your Pregnancy

AC magnetic fields are another common EMF exposure source for pregnant women.

Below we’ll go over some common, man-made sources of magnetic fields. View our other EMF Field Guides for more sources.

Let’s begin:



Overhead and underground power lines are common sources of elevated magnetic field levels within homes.

Shielding these can be difficult, so your best bet is to increase your distance from these sources.

You don’t want to be be sleeping in rooms with elevated magnetic field levels period, but especially if you are pregnant.

A Low EMF Solution

There are some shielding options, but distance is your friend here.


Kitchen & Home Appliances

Anything with a motor, condenser, or an electric clock will have some magnetic fields.

Examples of these are refrigerators, furnaces, stoves and dishwashers. Microwave ovens produce RF radiation and are another to look out for.

The kitchen can be a real exposure problem for pregnant women.

Thus, it’s important to understand the high exposure areas of the kitchen and make sure you aren’t spending a lot of time in them if you’re pregnant or otherwise.

An EMF consultant can survey for you or you can get an EMF meter and do the sleuthing yourself (see below).

A Low EMF Solution

See our EMF Field Guides for other sources. Our EMF Field Guide to EMFs in Kitchens is a good one.


Wiring Errors

Electrical wiring errors are also common causes of elevated magnetic fields in homes. These can be quite large and are important to survey for. Especially in your bedroom and other places of the home that are occupied frequently.

EMF Professionals can be helpful with testing and then talking with electricians about how to mitigate this.

A Low EMF Solution

View our EMF professionals page to see practitioners near you.


Stray Current on Utility Lines

A surprising, yet not uncommon, source of magnetic fields are the stray electrical amperage coming into a home from water, gas, telephone and cable utility lines.

More about this phenomena soon, but this is something that an EMF Expert can really help with.

A Low EMF Solution

EMF Pros and electricians can help you with this.

Section 04:


Identify Common AC Electric Field Radiation Sources That May Affect Pregnant Women

AC electric fields are lesser known, but something that you should be aware of in regard to your pregnancy.

Below we’ll go over some common, man-made sources of electric fields. View our other EMF Field Guides for more sources, especially the EMF Field Guide to Bedrooms.

Let’s get started:


Energized Electrical Circuits

In a room (with standard residential wiring), if an electrical circuit is energized you’re going to have the presence of electrical fields.

In an ideal low-EMF environment, your child would sleep in a room without the presence of these fields.

One way of solving this is to have an electrician install an on-demand switch to de-energize the bedrooms. This is primarily used at night while occupants are sleeping.

An EMF Consultant can help you map out the breaker box, as it relates to electric fields.

Some people recommend turning off the breakers manually to achieve the same effect, but we don’t advise doing this without having a certified electrician come out and sign off on the safety and the condition of the breaker box and individual circuit breakers and having them install breakers made for daily usage.


A Low EMF Solution

This is something to be aware of and is worth contacting an EMF consultant about.


Electrical Cords

Power cords effectively become extensions to the energized electrical circuit. If not properly shielded, they will produce electric fields, as well.

Examples of these are:

– light cords
– plug-in strips
– extension cords
– phone charger cords
– product cords

When EMF specialists do surveys, they’ll sometimes see half a dozen cords snaking around and underneath people’s beds. Make sure this isn’t the case in where you or a pregnant loved one sleeps.

You can purchase battery powered clocks and lights and all your charging should be done in a different room entirely.

A Low EMF Solution

There are a lot of battery powered options for standards items you see in bedrooms. These will cut down the AC electric fields in the room.

Section 05:


Identify Common Dirty Electricity Sources That May Affect Your Pregnancy

Dirty Electricity is known to some folks in health and maternity forums, but is something to be aware of if you haven’t heard of it before.

Below we’ll go over some some sources of dirty electricity. View our other EMF Field Guides for more sources, especially the EMF Field Guide to Bedooms.

Let’s get started:


Light Bulbs

Many of the newer light bulbs achieve their cost savings by continually turning on and off at extremely high rates. Thes include CFL/LED/Fluorescent/Halogen light bulbs.

Along with producing a lower spectrum of light (and being less pleasing to the eye), these bulbs are a common cause of dirty electricity.

To ensure a healthy environment during the duration of your pregnancy (and beyond) consider switching to old-school incandescent bulbs.

A Low EMF Solution

If you have a choice, old school incandescent bulbs are the way to go.


Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches work in the same manner as the newer light bulbs.

We recommend swapping these out for normal light switches.

A Low EMF Solution

We recommend going old school with your switches.


Device Power Supplies

Most tech devices have power transformers that can influence the dirty electricity levels on the room’s electrical circuit.

Just something to be aware of when testing for levels in rooms where your you or your pregnant loved one spends a lot of time.

A Low EMF Solution

These can simply be unplugged when not in use.

Section 06:


Testing: Hire a Pro or DIY?

Unsure if you want to hire an EMF professional or test for EMFs yourself? This section will help you decide which course of action is the best route for you and your family. If you do decide to do-it-yourself, the next section will help you go about it.

Hire a Pro or DIY?

The four types of EMFs can all be measured with reasonable accuracy if you have the right meters and equipment and many of these meters are affordable. We’ll give you a basic idea of what’s required and point you where to go to for our current purchasing recommendations below in our DIY EMF section.

With all EMF measurements, the benefit of hiring EMF consultants is they will provide extensive experience and training, professional-grade meter accuracy and will help you determine and move forward with an appropriate EMF mitigation program.

Perhaps the main advantage of utilizing an EMF consultant for the magnetic field survey is that they can help pinpoint any potential wiring errors or any excess electrical current coming from water pipes or other utility lines and then communicate these issues to an electrician.

DIY EMF surveying is less costly, but may take longer and be out of the comfort zone for some people. There’s also no reason that you can’t do some of the work yourself in concert with an EMF consultant, too.

Most EMF consultants will have reasonable hourly phone consultation rates. Here are some remote EMF consultants if you’re interested and don’t have a local professional.

To better appreciate the pros and cons of contacting an EMF professional vs. doing-it-yourself, please see Chapter 09 – Contact an EMF Consultant or DIY?

Section 07:


How to Test for These EMFs

Interested in going the do-it-yourself route?


Below are the types of meters you would use to detect the four types of man-made EMFs we go over in this Step-by-Step Guide to Pregnancy and EMFs.

How to test for RF Fields
You can survey radio frequency fields with an RF Meter. Our current favorite beginner’s RF meter is the Trifield TF2. Visit our Best EMF Meters page, to learn more about the Trifield TF2 and other beginner, intermediate and professional level RF meters.
How to test for AC Magnetic Fields

You can survey magnetic fields with a gaussmeter. Decent gaussmeters are affordable and easy to use.

Visit our EMF Meter Reviews page to learn which gaussmeter or multi-use meter we recommend.

How to test for AC Electric Fields

You can survey AC electric fields with an electrical field strength meter.

Visit our EMF Meter Reviews page to learn which field strength meter or multi-use meter we recommend.

How to test for Dirty Electricity

You can test your home for elevated dirty electricity levels with a power line meter.

Popular DE meters are the Greenwave, Satic and Stetzerizer meters.

Visit our Best EMF Meters page, to learn more about our meter recommendations.

Section 08:


EMF Blocking Products for Pregnant Women

In this section, we’ll go over some EMF shielding products specifically made for protecting pregnant mothers and their unborn children.

While it’s always best to eliminate the EMF sources as much as possible, we understand that their are times when this isn’t always feasible.

Let’s begin:


EMF Blocking Maternity Blankets

Please don’t use your laptop on your lap like the model in the photo. Despite the name, laptops aren’t healthy to be used on your lap.

Obviously, having no internal RF emitters in your home while you’re pregnant is the preferred scenario. Strive for this as your plan A.

We understand, however, that this may not be completely realistic 100% of the time.

With this in mind, EMF shielding blankets can give your torso and unborn child some protection against radio frequency radiation (RF) and would be a good idea for environments where there are active RF emitters (wi-fi routers, cell phones, etc…).

There are several different brands of these, but DefenderShield makes a quality version.

This blanket, especially if combined with the DefenderShield Belly Band, gives you additional layer of protection for you and your unborn child.


EMF Shielding Belly Band

EMF shielding belly bands are a good option for those times when you leave your home and are at the whims of external exposure sources, like cell towers and wi-fi at businesses.

They could also provide some protection during the (hopefully short) times when you have emitting technology on within your home.

There are several different brands of RF blocking belly bands, but DefenderShield makes a quality version.

This belly band can be combined with an RF blocking blanket to give additional protection within your home. Remember, however that nothing is better than turning the sources off entirely.

Section 09:


A Recap of How to Limit
EMF Exposure While You’re Pregnant

Here’s some of the more important points of the EMF Field Guide in recap.

The ages encompassing a person’s childhood are such important years of growth and development. We feel it’s worth the effort to lower their man-made EMF exposures.

Here’s some of the more important points of this Step-by-Step EMF Guide in recap.

We think low EMF environments for pregnant women are an important health standard to be focused on. Try to make your home a low EMF sanctuary.

A recap of things to be on the look out for while pregnant:

– Wi-fi routers and wi-fi extenders
– cell phone and tablet use (use airplane mode and don’t use around children’s head)
– Smart TVs, smart speakers and other technology that use wi-fi or bluetooth
– Appliances that can produce large magnetic fields, like fridges, stoves and dishwashers.
– game systems
– Microwave ovens (RF radiation)
– Electric clocks and other devices with unshielded plugs
– Cordless telephones
– Smart meters from your electric, water and gas companies
– Wiring errors (magnetic fields)

If you aren’t comfortable purchasing EMF meters and doing the survey yourself, EMF consultants will be happy to assist you.

If you want to give DIY EMF testing a try start start with our “Best EMF Meters” page and then begin reading the free content found on our website.

If you’d prefer a PDF or Kindle version of the guides, we offer low-priced editions.

We mentioned this in the beginning, but if you have any questions about any of this, please contact us!

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