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Less Common & Interesting EMF Sources


Unexpected Sources of EMFs

Toothbrushes and Umbrellas and
Pillows, Oh My!

This section is a compilation of some (mainly RF producing) products you wouldn’t expect to be sources of EMFs.

We apologize in advance for any snarky comments, as we’re most assuredly not the target demographic for any of these devices. I’m sure there are a lot of people that will be very excited about these.

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Wireless Fishing Lures
Some of these models have cameras, so you can glimpse the fishing conditions beneath the water. Seems a bit like cheating, if you ask us.

Bluetooth-enabled Grills
This functionality is used primarily with meat thermometers. They, of course, still make non-broadcasting meat thermometers.

Bluetooth Coolers
The addition of bluetooth is often due to included wireless speakers. We find that our collection of Led Zeppelin cassette tapes and our old boombox still works well.

Drones, RC Planes & RC Cars
These are undeniably fun, but be aware of these if you’re sensitive to radio frequency radiation. Especially so, if you’re visiting an “airshow” or club meetup where multiple devices will be flying at once.

Rechargeable flashlight

Water Bottles – Hidrate Spark
These remind you to drink water. In case you don’t have a health-conscious spouse.

oombrella umbrella
This is a smart umbrella. I’m sure this has practical application for someone. I don’t know them.

DSLR Cameras
The wi-fi and bluetooth serves a purpose here: to facilitate the transfer of photos and videos from the phone.

Go Pro and Action Camcorders

smart phone breathalyzer
bluesmart luggage
bike handlebars velco wink bar


Home ultrasound – butterfly
Blood Pressure Monitor
Wireless Thermometer
Bluetooth Asthma Inhalers
Bluetooth Blood Monitoring Devices – Diabetes
BT Blood Pressure Monitoring
Wifi Home Examination Kits
Smart Pillboxes and Pill Caps for Medication
Gluten and Peanut allergy testers
smart thermometer


EKG Testers with ultrasonic audio
diapers 24eight
onesies mimo baby
hatch diaper changing pad
aladin smart lamp domalys


Bixby Enabled
electronic cat feeder
electronic cat box cleaner
electronic dog-door/dog-collar system
smart pet – kuri
furbo nest cam for dogs, give dog treats


smart toothbrush, onvi prophix
smart mirror
echo look fashion specialist
contact lens cleaner
smart table (panasonic)
smart bed
smart pillow
l’oreal hair coach hairbrush
moen u, smartphone shower
slippers 24eight
bedbug catcher valpas
smart mattress – eight
smart home fragrance aera
flipflops hari mari, shoes?
ballantine t-shirt messaging
floss dispenser flosstime
icon condom
wevibe adult toys
griffin mirror
belty good vibes – fitness tracking belt


quirky egg minder
Jim beam decanter
non-slurping fork – otohiko fork
kuvee bottle, keurig for wine
juicero juicer
flatev tortilla
chip cookie oven
june countertop oven
hapifork bluetooth fork
brita wifi pitcher
nespresso prodigo
griffin toasters


fenotek smart doorbell
fridge cam
smart recycling tool eugene
iot mousetrap, rentokil
kitchen elf, bosch mykie
christmas tree
pavement, ipavement
parking meters

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