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What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity, often referred to as electrical pollution, chop or noise, is the term used to describe distorted electricity that can be found in a building’s wiring system.

Unlike the smooth, consistent flow of regular electricity that powers our appliances and gadgets, dirty electricity consists of erratic surges and spikes.

Some medical experts believe this exposure to dirty electricity can lead to health issues and an overall lower quality of life.

While the research is still ongoing, evidence is building that constant exposure to this kind of electrical noise can lead to problems such as headaches, insomnia, and other maladies.

What are Causes Dirty Electricity?

Common causes of dirty electricity are electronic devices, lighting fixtures and hardware and the light bulbs we select to illuminate our homes.

We go over each below in more detail:

Electronic Devices & Modern Tech Gadgets
Many modern electronic devices, when plugged in and operational, can produce dirty electricity.

This is due primarily to the “brick” plugin transformers that change the alternating current from the electrical current to a direct current that the devices can more readily utilize.

Some examples include laptops, gaming systems, modern televisions, and energy-efficient lighting.

A solution for this is to turn the devices off while not in use.

Dimmer Switches
Dimmer switches chop up the electrical current to manipulate the lighting levels and produce dirty electricity while doing so.

A solution for this is to replace the switches.

Energy Saving Bulbs or Appliances
New, energy efficient CFL and LED light bulbs achieve their energy saving by turning on and off an incredible amount of times per second.

This saves electricity, but also can cause a lot of dirty electricity.

Choosing an incandescent alternative is a good way to reduce this.

How Can a Person Test for Dirty Electricity?

Using a Dirty Electricity Meter
One of the most straightforward ways to detect dirty electricity is by using a specialized dirty electricity meter designed for this purpose.

By plugging the meter into an electrical outlet, it can measure the amount of electrical noise present and give a reading that indicates the level of dirty electricity.

We have a whole section on the best dirty electricity meters to buy with reviews.

Consulting with Professionals
If you don’t want to purchase a dirty electricity meter, but you suspect your home or building has a significant amount of dirty electricity, you can also consult with an EMF specialist. These professionals can perform more in-depth tests and provide insights into the presence and potential sources of dirty electricity.

Find an EMF specialist near you.

What Can a Person Do to Reduce or Eliminate Dirty Electricity

Install a Whole Home Dirty Electricity Filters
One of the most efficient ways to reduce dirty electricity is to install a full home dirty electricity filter.

Learn more about these whole home dirty electricity filters.

Use Plug-in Dirty Electricity Filters
There are specific filters available that can be plugged into outlets to help reduce or eliminate dirty electricity. These filters work by stabilizing the erratic surges of energy and producing a smoother, more consistent flow of electricity.

This is a good dirty electricity plug-in filter.

Unplug or Replace Problematic Devices
If an electronic devices or appliance is known to be a significant sources of dirty electricity, consider replacing it.

For example, opting for traditional, incandescent light bulbs instead of certain energy-saving ones might help.

If it’s something you can’t replace, try to unplug or have it turned off as much as possible.

Replace Dimmer Switches
If dimmer switches can be swapped out fairly easy with the help of an electrician. Using a standard on/off switch will lower your dirty electricity exposure.

Learn More About Dirty Electricity

While the potential health impact evidence is still being accumulated, we believe it’s in your best interest to limit your exposure to dirty electricity, where possible.

If you’d like to learn more, we have a whole book chapter on Dirty Electricity. You can read more about the subject and watch some informative videos that can help better visually explain the subject matter.

Our Current Recommendation to Really Drop Your Home Dirty Electricity Levels

When people really want to drop the hammer on their home dirty electricity levels, we recommend they investigate a full home filter.

Our current recommendation is the Satic Power Perfect Wire-in.

Satic Power Perfect Wire-In

Satic Power Perfect Wire-In

The Power Perfect Wire-In is a great way to clean up your home’s dirty electricity from external and internal sources.

Most homes have surprisingly high dirty electricity levels due to their lighting choices, a solar installation or from the plugs for their tech devices.

This product will help eliminate the dirty electricity and help you achieve electrical cost savings while doing so.

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October 24, 2023

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