What is EMF Radiation?

EMF Radiation and It’s Dangers Explained

  What is EMF Radiation?  

EMF Radiation Explained

When people speak about “EMF Radiation,” they’re most likely talking about the radiation produced by man-made, non-natural EMFs (or electro-magnetic fields).

Below are some common sources of these man-made EMFs:

  • Overhead Powerlines
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Wi-fi Routers
  • Cell Phones and Tablets
  • Electrical Wiring and Wiring Errors with homes

Some of these sources produce low frequency field radiation (powerlines and electrical wiring, for example) and others produce high frequency field radiation (cell phone towers/wi-fi routers/cell phones). 

These can be understood more clearly when viewed on the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum:

It’s been understood that low frequency radiation can have negative health effects, but more and more studies are showing the negative biological effects of the high frequency radiation.


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