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Homepage - EMF Waves

What are EMFs? - The Basics

Learn the basics of man-made EMFs and why these EMFs may be unhealthy for you, your family and your pets. Click here to learn more.

Homepage - EMF Checklist 2

EMFs and Children

EMFs pose unique dangers to babies and children due to the massive developmental stages they undergo.  Click here to learn more.

Homepage - EMF Meters

EMF Meters & EMF Protection

To really reduce your exposure to man-made EMFs, you’re going to need an EMF meter.  Read our current, recommended EMF meters.

Homepage - EMFs in Bedroom

Common Bedroom EMFs

The value of a good night’s sleep can be overestimated. Click here to view our extensive list of common EMF sources in bedrooms.

EMF Product of the Week

Satic Power Perfect Wire-In

Satic Perfect Power Wire-in

Most homes have surprisingly high dirty electricity levels due to their lighting choices, a solar installation or from the plugs for their tech devices.

The Power Perfect Wire-In is a great way to clean up your home’s dirty electricity from external and internal sources. This product will help eliminate the dirty electricity and help you achieve electrical cost savings while doing so.

Save 10% by using the code DIYEMF at checkout.

What are EMFs? – Learn the Basics

Homepage - EMF Waves

New to EMFs?  No problem. Below are explanations of what man-made EMFs are and why you should lower you & your family’s exposure to these unnatural forms of radiation.

Confused about EMFs Image

“What are EMFs?” & Other Common EMF Questions

Learn the basics of EMFs, the most common EMF sources in your home, how to best test for EMFs and how to shield against EMFs. Click here to learn more about the basics of EMFs.

Homepage - EMF Checklist 2

The "10 Steps to Lower EMFs" Cheatsheet

Our ten steps to achieve lower EMF levels in your home and place of work.  These tips will considerably reduce you and your family’s EMF exposure.  View the 10 Steps to Lower EMFs.

Menu - Beginner's Guide to EMFs

Read Our "Beginner's Guide to EMFs" Free On-line

If you’re ready to move on past the basics, take a look at our free book on all aspects of EMFs, from the main types of man-made to look out for to how to effectively shield against them. View the full EMF guide.

Homepage - EMF Guide 02

Purchase a Physical Copy of the Guide

I believe in the importance of educating the public about EMFs, so I’ve made the entire guide free online.  However, if you prefer a physical copy, we offer both paperback and printable PDF versions of the guide for sale.

Common EMF Sources in Your Home

In our EMF Field Guides, we go over the most common EMF sources in your home (bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms), your place of work and sources you may run into while outside your home.

Homepage - EMFs in Bedroom

Bedrooms - Common EMF Sources

Getting restorative sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle.  Removing man-made EMF sources is a crucial step in achieving this.  View our page on the most common EMF sources in bedrooms.

Homepage - Dining Room

Common EMF Sources in Living Rooms & Family Rooms

Living rooms and family rooms are another spot in your home where people spend a considerable amount of time.  View our page on the most common EMF sources in living rooms and family rooms.

Homepage - EMF Field Guides

Read the Rest of Our EMF Field Guides For Your Home & Work

Our EMF Field Guides breakdown every room in your home.  They cover what the most common EMF sources are, low-EMF alternatives and tips on how to lower your exposure.  View our EMF Field Guides.

Homepage - EMF Checklist

20 Easy Ways to Lower Your EMF Exposure

In our “20 Ways to Lower Your EMF Exposure Today” we go over simple things you and your family can do to lower your daily EMF exposure. Many of the tips you can implement immediately. View the guide.

Homepage - Family Room EMFs

The Best EMF Meters & EMF Product Reviews

Homepage - EMF Meters

Confused about which EMF meter to buy?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We go over all the popular meters on the market, inform you on which work for each type of EMF and give you our buying recommendations.

Homepage - safe and sound pro II

Best EMF Meters (2024)

See our recommended EMF meters for testing all four main types of man-made EMFs. We go over all the most popular models and include all price ranges.  View the best EMF meters of 2024.

Homepage - Bed Canopy

View All Our EMF Product Buying Guides

From EMF blocking bed canopies to EMF shielding paint to smart meter and router guards, we’ve got you covered on finding the best product to lower you and your family’s EMF exposure. See the buying guides.

Homepage - EMF Blog

Read Our EMF Blog for Up-to-Date EMF Safety Products

Read our blog or follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on the latest EMF safety products and testing meters. Visit us on our blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Homepage - Dining Room

Personal EMF Protection

See our recommendations for the best personal EMF protection products. We cover low EMF tech solutions like laptop & cell phone cases and other solutions like low-EMF headphones. View our product reviews.

Testing: Hire an EMF Pro or DIY?

Okay, so you want to get your home tested for EMFs, but you’re not sure if you want to do it yourself or have an EMF specialist do it for you. No problem. We walk you through the process below.

What is an EMF Reader?

Deciding to DIY or Hire an EMF Specialist

Some of this may seem overwhelming, so we go over the pros and cons of hiring an EMF specialist versus purchasing EMF meters and taking the measurements yourself. Learn more.

Homepage - EMF Consultant

Find an EMF Expert Near You

We’ve got a full directory of EMF specialists. If there isn’t one near you, many will be happy to consult with you remotely via phone, email or video chat. Learn more here.

What is an EMF Reader?

Remote EMF Consultants

If you don’t live close to an EMF specialist, remote EMF consulting is your next bet bet. You’ll work part and parcel with them to lower your family’s EMF exposure. Visit our page on remote EMF consultants to learn more.

Homepage - DIY Testing

Start DIY EMF Testing Today!

DIY EMF testing isn’t hard. You just need EMF meters that will measure the types of EMFs you’re interested in. From there it’s just testing and removing or shielding sources in your home. Learn more about the DIY process.

Homepage - DIY or Hire EMF Pro

Learn About the EMF Guide

About The Author:

Welcome!  My name is Brent Thomas and I am a practicing, certified EMRS (Electro-Magnetic Radiation Specialist) from the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe.

My passion for EMF education led me to write The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs and publish this free EMF education website.

Learn more about my EMF journey.

The EMF Guide

I believe in the importance of educating the public on the potential dangers of EMFs, so I’ve made The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs free on this website.

If you’d like to purchase a paperback copy or the PDF version, you can do so at these Amazon and Gumroad links.

You can also donate to our EMF educational mission. Thanks!

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Up-to-Date EMF Protection Products & Information

The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs:
Everything You Need to Know!

Online Resources

1. Learn All About the EMFs Around Us

Learn More About EMFs & the Common EMFs Found in Homes

The first step to protecting your family from EMFs is to understand what EMFs are and the four common forms of EMFs that you can test for.

The following chapters below will help you better understand the four main types of EMFs and how they are present in your home or office.

EMFs and Smart Homes

2. Identify EMF Sources

Start Identifying Common EMF Sources & Begin EMF Testing

The next step to protect against EMFs is to understand what common EMF sources may be in your home and to test for less common sources.

The links below will help you identify common EMF sources in every room of your home and whether you want to hire an EMF expert or do DIY EMF testing.

EMF Shielding Products

3. Remove, Distance and Shield

EMF Protection Through Removal, Distancing & Shielding

After identifying sources in your home, the next step in EMF protection is to remove the sources you can and shield against the remaining sources.

The chapters below will help you understand the EMF readings you or an expert have taken and then walk you through shielding and removal options for each.

The Beginner's Guide to EMFs

Purchase the Book for Family or Friends

Go low EMF and read our EMF guide offline on your kindle or preferred e-reader. Or gift this to a loved one that doesn't know as much about the EMFs in their lives.

This option comes with printable worksheets and other helpful guides.

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Learn About the Beginner's Guide to EMFs

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to EMFs.

Our site attempts to inform you of the possible invisible dangers that you and your family may be subjected to.

Learn more about Brent Thomas.


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