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Common EMF Sources in Children’s Rooms & Nurseries

In this chapter, you’re going to learn about common EMF sources in children’s rooms and nurseries.

We’ll teach you what these sources are and the actions you can take to lessen your children’s exposure to these man-made EMFs.

The good news is that many of these changes can be undertaken immediately.

Let’s begin:

11 Common EMF Sources Found
in Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

This section covers common EMF sources found in nurseries and children’s rooms.

These sources can be of particular importance due to the amount of time children spend sleeping in the rooms..

Some small changes here can really make a big difference in the amount of time and exposure levels children are subjected to.

With all our sections, we’ve included a recommended solution for most of these. Some of these outbound links may be affiliate links to help our mission of EMF education.

Okay, let’s get started:


Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are commonly found in nurseries and the rooms of young children. These monitors communicate using radio frequencies.

In practice this means your child may be subjected to (close proximity) radio frequency fields for 10-12 hours a day.

We recommend hardwiring your baby monitor instead, if possible.

A Low EMF Solution

Our guide to hardwiring your baby monitor will be out soon.


Wireless Video Cameras

Wireless cameras, as standalone devices or as part of a packaged baby monitoring device, are becoming more and more popular.

As with traditional baby monitors, these emit RF fields around your children while they sleep.

Our recommendation to hardwire these types of monitors, as well.

A Low EMF Solution

As mentioned above, our guide to hardwiring your baby monitors will be out soon.


Fans & White Noise Machines

Fans are popular choices for background noise in children’s rooms to help them sleep.

Unfortunately, the motors in the fans can kick up sizeable magnetic fields. These drop off quickly, but make sure that any fans you’re using aren’t too close to where the child is sleeping. Use a gaussmeter to be sure.

White noise machines are often ungrounded and unshielded and can have elevated AC electric fields, as a result.

We recommend keeping these away from beds, as well. Use an electric field meter to measure the appropriate distance.

A Low EMF Solution

The Trifield TF2 has both a gaussmeter and an electric field meter.


Smart Toys

Toys manufacturers are putting RF chips in more and more toys these days. Some of these chips are used to connect with phones and others can be used to communicate with other smart toys in the product line.

If you do have these in your home, we recommend finding out how to turn off the bluetooth or wifi functionality between usage.  It may be as simple as a switch on the toy.  

We also don’t recommend having these adjacent to children while they are sleeping in case they were accidentally left on or are turned on by the child during the night.

The best solution from an exposure standpoint (however small it may be), would be to forgo these types of toys entirely.

A Low EMF Solution

When researching a product, do a search for the product name + wifi or bluetooth.

RF chipped toys will necessarily have batteries, too, so that often is a giveaway.


Baby Rockers

These may have elevated magnetic field levels from the rocking mechanism and elevated electric fields from the wiring. We recommend testing these with a gaussmeter and an electric field meter to get a good sense of what exposure your baby will be getting.

This is important as babies will often fall asleep in these devices for long periods of time.

Newer models may have radio frequency chips placed in them, as well, so be on the look out for that.

A Low EMF Solution

The Trifield TF2 is both a gaussmeter and an electric field meter. Read our review of the Trifield TF2.


Smart Baby Mobiles & Sleep Solutions

Regular mobiles still work really well for calming babies and puts any concern about RF radiation to rest.

These are often combo night lights, sound machines and rising lights, as well. Here’s an example.

The bluetooth functionality will produce RF fields while your baby sleeps and should be avoided for a low-EMF nursery.

Get the battery powered mobile to ensure lower AC electric field levels.

A Low EMF Solution

Steer clear of the RF producing mobiles and get a battery powered mobile.


Wi-Fi Cribs

These include crib mounted cameras and other monitoring and entertainment devices. This will lead to elevated RF exposure levels for your child.

We would recommend hardwiring a camera in a withdrawn, but still visible position.

A Low EMF Solution

As you can imagine, we don’t recommend purchasing these.


Baby Health Monitors

These monitors are used to track babies heart rate and oxygen levels. It’s a novel idea, but you’re placing an RF emitting chip directly next to your baby.

If it’s not a medical necessity or a directive from a physician, perhaps it’s worth reconsidering it’s use.

A Low EMF Solution

These aren’t a component of a low-EMF nursery, but may be necessary on the advice of medical professional.


Nursery Projectors

These are used to soothe children and help put them to sleep.

These will have wi-fi or bluetooth capabilities, so find a model where you can turn these off or find a model without these functions.

If you use a projector, make sure it and it’s cord aren’t close to where the child sleeps. Double check with a gaussmeter and electric field meter.

A Low EMF Solution

The Trifield TF2 is both a gaussmeter and an electric field meter. Read our review of the Trifield TF2.


Wireless Baby Feeding Systems

These provide information on the temperature, volume and feeding angles of the liquid in the bottle. It relays the information to an app on your phone via wi-fi.

As you may have guessed we’re going to recommend not using these unless directed to by a medical professional. Old-school bottles and testing the liquid temperature on your arm still works really well.

A Low EMF Solution

Go old-school.


Bluetooth Diapers

It sounds like a practical joke, but these are apparently being rolled out soon.

Instead of using these and getting alerts on your phone when your baby has soiled itself, just use regular diapers and your nose.

A Low EMF Solution

As you can imagine, we don’t recommend purchasing these.


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